Must Read Pain Management Tips for 2018!

Learning pain management skills is essential if you suffer with chronic back pain. And the good news is pain management isn’t all that complicated. In fact, there are some simple techniques you can easily learn that may make a big difference in how you experience your symptoms. Here are some effective tips from our Southend […]

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A Back Is For Life – So Look After It

Iris Goldfinch may be 95 years old but she is intrepid as they come. Iris first came to Cliffs when she was 81 years old and had fallen off a ladder! As part of our Back Story Campaign, the Echo published an article with Arif focusing on how octogenarians can help themselves keep fit and […]

Back Pain Myths Revealed!

Back Pain Myths Revealed!

With 80% of us experiencing back pain at some point during our lives, it’s pretty important that we are clued up on it! There’s a lot of conflicting information out there, so our Southend chiropractor sorts the myths from the facts once and for all: Myth 1: You Need the Firmest Mattress Possible. You may […]

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Top Tips on Making Good Habits in 2018!

It’s the New Year and many of us are getting ready to carry out those life-improving resolutions we’ve made. But how do we stick to our goals? Sure, we may start the year with bellies full of determination, but what happens when the novelty of going the gym at 6am every morning or living on […]