Can Chiropractic Help Enuresis (bed wetting)?  Let Young Callum Tell You ......

Can Chiropractic Help Enuresis (bed wetting)? Let Young Callum Tell You ……

Enuresis, more commonly known as bed wetting, is a common problem suffered by young children. Half a million children and teenagers in the UK are affected by it. This problem can often affect a child’s self esteem and impact on family life. Callum, our 5-star patient, shares with you the success he has achieved. We […]

Paz Made It Happen For This Strongman

Richard Ellis visited Cliffs with difficulty breathing and wasn’t at all positive that he was going to be able to compete in his first amateur strongman competition. But with help from Paz, Richard got in touch to share his outstanding performance with us at the competition! Richard wrote to us saying: ” “I wanted to […]

Pain Free For the first time since the early 90s

One of our patients, Geoffrey wanted to share his story with you. Geoffrey is a a renowned classical guitarist although he is far too humble to describe himself as such. He has been teaching and performing since the late 70s. He came as a patient to Cliffs looking for help as he suffered from Carpal […]

Aged 65 I feel fitter than ever

Aged 65 I feel fitter than ever

Ray Clark, from Braintree, has been a gamekeeper and farm worker for over 40 years. Ten years ago, the 65-yearold, started feeling pain in his knees when he was walking around the estate; X-rays revealed he would need a knee-replacement within the next three years. He did nothing for a couple of years, then he […]

'It was like magic'

‘It was like magic’

Watch Trevor describe the amazing results he experienced after 35 years of knee pain and one session with Arif. You’ll also see Arif treat Trevor as he explains step by step the 3 points he uses to treat Trevor’s knee and how they work. Trevor says of his knee and treatment “Before (the treatment) it […]

After A Decade of Daily Pain Herbal Remedy Saved Me

After A Decade of Daily Pain Herbal Remedy Saved Me

Annabel Crow recently shared with The Echo how a visit to Melanie changed her life. Afer a decade of daily pain and misdiagnosis, she hoped she would finally find the light at the end of the tunnel into finding respite from her ongoing agony. Annabel’s mother Laura, a patient at Cliffs,  suggested she should visit […]

“I went to the hospital but only Cliffs could help me!”

“I went to the hospital but only Cliffs could help me!”

Rosie was suffering from so much pain in her jaw that she visited the hospital seeking answers. “The hospital advised that I needed to distress,” said Rosie, who is now a patient of ours. “They said the jaw pain was a result of biting my nails but I didn’t necessarily feel that had caused my […]

patient story for cliffs chiropractor southend

“For four years Doctors told me there was nothing wrong with me – Cliffs diagnosed me in Twenty minutes!”

Our team of Chiropractors in Southend regularly see patients who have been living with undiagnosed back conditions for months or even years. Quite often, these patients have made numerous trips to their GPS, only to suffer the agonising frustration of being told “there is nothing wrong” or “there is nothing that can be done.” Alvin […]

Happy patient at Cliffs Chiropractor Southend

Sacrlet Fever here at Cliffs Chiropractor Southend

We are very proud to have two of Britain’s finest on our patient ranks. Patrick and Derek travel all the way from the Royal Hospital Chelsea to be treated by Arif. They cut quite a dash. Patrick sent us a lovely few words expressing how he feels about Cliffs and we are really touched by […]