Take the Pain Out of Christmas Shopping

Take the Pain Out of Christmas Shopping

It’s Chritmasss! Well, not just yet, but those are the kind of song lyrics that you will hear bellowing through the shops from about now. There’s no doubt the festive period is on its way and that means it’s time to start the Christmas shopping! While most shops do their best to make Christmas shopping […]

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Three Things Your Spine Wants You To Do!

Apart from the sniffles, back pain is the number one ailment that sends patients to the doctors. It’s actually the fifth most common reason for hospitalisations and the third most common cause of surgery. Let’s just say it’s a pretty common complaint! There are many possible causes of back pain, which means there are also […]

A Healthy Body Needs a Healthy Spine!

We’re living in the most health conscious era yet, but not many people consider the health of their backs as relevant to their overall wellbeing. But a healthy spine can have a very positive influence on your health in general. Our Southend chiropractor explains that the spine’s primary function is to surround and protect the […]

Back to School Back Health

Back to School Back Health

It’s back to school and back to backpacks! Many things can lead to back pain in children, such as playing sport or poor posture. But some kids have back pain because of what they’re lugging around in their backpacks everyday! According to our Southend chiropractor, children should not carry more than 10% to 15% of […]

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Back Pain in Kids and Teens

While back pain is very common for adults, children and teenagers are much more resilient and flexible. However, according to our Southend chiropractor, due predominantly to lifestyle choices, children and teenagers are increasingly falling victim to back pain. This is why at Cliffs our chiropractors are encouraging good spine health and proper posture from a […]

Keep Your Back Safe at the Pool This Summer!

Taking a refreshing dip in the pool is a great way to cool off from the scorching summer heat, but it can also be beneficial to your back. Swimming is an enjoyable form of low-impact aerobic conditioning and it’s gentle on your back and spine. Unlike other forms of exercise, the buoyancy of the water […]

Common Sleep Mistakes That Cause Back Pain

Getting more back pain than forty winks at night? Check these two common sleeping mistakes from our Southend chiropractor and you could discover the guilty culprit: Sleeping in the wrong position Your sleeping position could be causing your back pain. If you sleep on your back, try placing a pillow beneath your knees. If you […]