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Top 5 Most Worn Women’s Clothing Items That Could Put Your Back & Neck At Risk

You may have heard Arif on BBC Essex last week talking about the impact that women’s fashion choices are having on their backs and necks. Worryingly one third of women are completely unaware their clothing choice could have an impact on their back and neck health. New research* from the British Chiropractic Association (BCA) has […]

Back Pain Striking Women in Their 20s!

For most people, life as a twenty-something is a time to reap the freedom of being a healthy, young adult. It’s a time to achieve career dreams, post hashtag clad pictures of exciting worldly adventures or maybe settle down and start a family. But for a massive one fifth of women, it’s also a time […]

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Arif has been elected to the BCA Council

Arif has been elected by British Chiropractic Association (BCA) members to sit on the BCA Council to help shape and strengthen the chiropractic profession to grow and meet the challenges of the future. We are very proud of Arif’s election and it demonstrates the high regard in which Arif is held by his fellow chiropractors. […]

Leading Chiropractor in Southend Backs New 4-Step Plan to End Back Pain

Leading Chiropractor in Southend Backs New 4-Step Plan to End Back Pain

Suffering from chronic back pain or discomfort can make you feel like you’re in an incredibly lonely place. The things you used to enjoy doing may now have become daunting challenges; leaving you in a daily cycle of agony, monotony and frustration. But you are not alone; as 2.5 million people in the UK complain […]

Don’t Turn Your Back on Back Health, Warns Leading Chiropractor in Southend

For many of the patients who visit Cliffs Chiropractor Southend, back pain is a long-standing nemesis. With some sufferers coming to us after years of battling with discomfort and pain, we are on a mission to help prevent back pain before it goes on to cause chronic problems. But it seems that patients visiting our […]

Cliffs awarded Chiropractor of the Year

Cliffs awarded Chiropractor of the Year

We are so thrilled and honoured to have been awarded the BCA Chiropractor of the Year Award. The award is given for exceptional achievements within the chiropractic profession in the UK and it’s great to be recognised for what we love to do. The Award was presented to Melanie and Arif by Matthew Bennett, the […]