Benefit from a Massage from Sophie Our New Masseuse

Benefit from a Massage from Sophie Our New Masseuse

We are happy to introduce our new masseuse, Sophie.  Having been a patient at Cliffs herself, she is now a member of our team and we couldn’t be happier. She is passionate about massage and its benefits as she knows how much massage can help people as she has experienced the benefits first hand from […]

Lisa Is Following Her Dream But There Is Hope At The Clinic

Lisa Is Following Her Dream But There Is Hope At The Clinic

After 5 fantastic, dedicated and laughter filled years at Cliffs Chiropractic, Lisa, decided it was time to follow her dream to help animals and train as a veterinary nurse. We will all miss her but she will find it hard to forget us when she receives her monthly delivery of chocolate from Montezuma every month […]

How Many Chiropractors Does It Take To Make A Holiday?

How Many Chiropractors Does It Take To Make A Holiday?

Answer: You can never have too many Chiropractors! Melanie and Arif spent a great week in Dubrovnik with family and friends two of whom are chiropractor brother and sister. They are carrying on the family tradition as their father was a chiropractor and now two of their daughters are at chiropractic college. Arif says, “We have […]

Get active this winter. Take advantage of walks in our local area says a leading chiropractor near Leigh-on-Sea

Walking is a well-known way to keep fit and healthy. Many people join the gym to keep fit but getting outdoors in the fresh air is even better for you. Walking is one of the easiest ways of staying active and it is also free. No gym membership required. Here near Leigh-on-Sea- we are extremely […]

Want to make a healthy start to 2015? A Chiropractor near leigh-on-Sea shares this advice on where to get healthy produce

You are what you eat’ is a very popular saying and it is a well-known fact that eating a healthy and balanced diet is vital for good health. Although there are many diets out there, a healthy diet comes down to two main factors:  Eating a wide variety of foods to ensure you’re getting all […]

How Cliffs Chiropractor Southend helped Allen J and his business

Many patients here at Cliffs Chiropractic Clinic have told us that their bad backs and other injuries have had major effects on their work life. Sitting, standing, lifting and walking can become major tasks if your back is bad and can therefore affect you at work. After hearing about Cliffs Chiropractor Southend from a friend […]

Tim’s story from Cliffs Chiropractor Southend

We have had many patients here at Cliffs Chiropractor Clinic near Southend, suffering from back pain and neck pain amongst other concerns. Tim H is a good example of a patient who was suffering very badly from a bad back. Tim’s back was so bad that he was struggling to undertake even minor tasks such […]

The Doctor has chiropractor on hand – Leading Chiropractor in Southend agrees!

We all suffer from back pain from time to time; some of us suffer quite a lot. There are a variety of ways to treat back pain; one of the best methods is to see a chiropractor. We are experts in the area of back pain and as a busy chiropractor in Southend, I know […]

Check out what our customers say about our Chiropractors in Southend!

Any good business or clinic needs to deliver an excellent service and product to survive and thrive. Being a busy Chiropractor in Southend I understand that more than most. We always strive to deliver excellent service and patient satisfaction. We work hard to treat all our patients individually, to diagnose individually, and prepare treatments individually. […]

Bank Holiday Getaway travelling advice from a leading Chiropractor in Southend

It is a big bank holiday weekend this week and it is a good one. August bank holiday weekend is one where all the kids have been off school for weeks and hopefully the weather is great. Many of you will decide to go visit family perhaps hundreds of miles across the country, a lot […]