Mind Your Posture This Christmas!

Mind Your Posture This Christmas!

Christmas is coming and for many of us, this brings the perfect opportunity to spend hours slouched on the sofa. But the importance of maintaining good posture doesn’t go away just because it’s Christmastime. Here our Southend chiropractor reminds us of some key health benefits of maintaining good posture. Facilitates breathing: Good posture will naturally […]

Echo Back Story

Stand Taller, Feel Better & Get Fitter

To highlight the importance of taking our health and especially our posture more seriously Cliffs Chiropractic Clinic have launched the ‘Back Story’ campaign, using a spine-chilling image to drive home the message. The Echo is backing our campaign and covered the launch of the campaign at St Thomas More High School. Arif was also interviewed […]

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Designed For Less? How Modern Life Affects the Spine

Has the enterprise of technology started the demise of the human spine? It’s a worrying possibility, according to our Southend chiropractor who treats an increasing number of people for technology-associated back and neck pain. Technology has evolved rapidly over the past few decades which has changed the way we live tremendously. For thousands of years, […]

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Valentine’s Day Special: Why You Should Really Love Your Back!

With health information more readily available than ever, you’d be hard pressed to go through life without knowing that looking after your spine is pretty important! But why is taking care of our beloved backs so crucial? As it’s the month of romance, our Southend chiropractor shares five great reasons why loving your spine should […]

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Back to school: Encourage Good Back Health

For many parents, September brings a sigh of relief as the kids go back to school and sanity levels can finally return to normal. But with another term comes another few months of worrying if your child is staying healthy beyond those school gates. While you can’t escape a few scraped knees here and there, […]

B2B Taking Shape

B2B Taking Shape

In April we launched our B2B (Back to Business) campaign at London Southend Airport. Next on the list is HMRC Southend where there are 1,200 staff, the majority of whom are deskbound and have an average age of 50. If you know of other businesses in the area that are interested in helping their staff […]

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Three Things You Can Do This Summer to Improve Your Spine Health

Summer is finally here but can your spine cope with all the fun and frolics that come with the hot weather? Here our Southend chiropractor reveals three incredibly simple ways that you can keep your back fighting fit all summer long: 1: Ditch the Flip Flops They maybe cool and convenient, but flip flops provide […]