Did You Hear Arif on BBC Essex?

Did You Hear Arif on BBC Essex?

Own up! Who’s going to admit to using their mobile phones just a little bit too much?  Just take a look around and you’ll see plenty of people of all ages hunched up over their mobile phones. In a recent interview with Sadie Nine on BBC Essex, Arif shared the dangers of ‘Text Neck’ and […]

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Did You Catch Arif on Radio Essex on Thursday Morning?

Arif was interviewed by Radio Essex on Thursday morning about ‘Text Neck’. This new phenomenon is caused by gadget addicts looking down at their phones and tablets for long periods which results in postural changes that can lead to serious problems. However, if you are at risk of suffering the consequence of ‘Text Neck’ all […]

Is Your Mobile to Blame for Your Neck Pain?

By now most of us will have heard of “text neck” – a modern day condition where the cervical spine is affected by excessive mobile phone use. But what level of damage are our “heads down generation” actually risking? The adult human head typically weighs between 10 and 12 lb and this weight equates to […]