Benefit from a good posture advises Cliffs Chiropractor Southend

There are many benefits from having a good posture. These include health benefits, such as :   reducing the risk of back pain,   improving our breathing   preventing our internal organs being squashed. A good posture can also have some aesthetic benefits such as making us look taller, slimmer and younger! These are really […]

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Imagine a spike stuck in the top of your – a Cliffs Chiropractor in Southend explains more …

25 years ago Brian suffered a head injury and has had a head ache ever since, until he met Dr Arif Soomro at Cliffs Chiropractic Clinic in Southend. Brian Vowell suffered a pain in his head which was as if a spike was stuck in the top of his head for 25 years. This was […]

Feel better and improve your handicap with these tips Cliffs Chiropractor Southend …

If your golf game is being affected by a pain or discomfort your suffering in your body then now may be a good time to get it checked out. One of our patients at Cliffs Chiropractor Southend found that his golf game has improved considerably since visiting Dr Arif, one of our experienced chiropractors in […]

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Do you have a spine? Then why not visit Cliffs Chiropractor Southend and get it checked …

It’s surprising how much our experienced team of chiropractors in Southend can tell by examining a patient’s spine. Here at Cliffs Chiropractic Clinic in Southend our team of chiropractors pride themselves on finding the underlying cause of your pain and discomfort and provide a long term solution to keeping you fit and healty. Chiropractic treatment […]

Headaches getting you down? A chiropractor in Southend on Sea offers this advice

Headaches getting you down? A chiropractor in Southend on Sea offers this advice

Almost all of us will experience a headache at some point in our life, however, if you are finding that your headaches are getting you down you may want to consider chiropractic treatment as a way to help you. A new study concluded that trigger point therapy reduced cervicogenic headache pain by 71% for patients. […]