Planning to do your Christmas shopping online? Take care of your back – shares Cliffs Chiropractor Southend

As the internet has developed over the years, more and more shops have been appearing online. Shopping via the internet has now become an extremely fast and easy way to shop in the 21st century. With Christmas just around the corner and towns and cities becoming very busy and hectic, many people are choosing to […]

Chiropractic is suitable for everybody from babies to the elderly – Shares a leading Southend Chiropractor

Here at Cliffs Chiropractor Southend we take pride in the fact that we treat all ages, from new-born babies to the elderly. As a leading Southend chiropractor we look at the person as an individual and then tailor a package of care for them. The chiropractic profession is the third highest profession after dentistry and […]

One of Arif’s passions – Paediatric Care – shares leading Southend Chiropractor

As a team of leading chiropractors in Southend we often treat a large variety of people with differing problems. We pride ourselves in providing excellent customer service alongside an expert delivery in our area. We aim to look at your problem, find a solution and lead you on your way to healing it. We even […]

Cliffs Chiropractor Southend

This may be an extreme transformation – Cliffs Chiropractor Southend shares patient stories

Here at Cliffs Chiropractor we love to see and hear evidence from patients that have had a positive time at our clinic. Here is some pre and post-treatment evidence that chiropractic really can make a difference. We had a giggle!               Another patient that has had a positive time […]

Improve your posture to keep fit at an old age shares Cliffs Chiropractor Southend

Being a leading Southend chiropractor we are aware that we are living in an era of significant population ageing. As we are living longer it is important that we know the significance that our posture plays in keeping us fit and active in our old age. In 2012 a survey was carried out that highlighted […]

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Why we do what we do – Shares Cliffs Chiropractor Southend

Here at Cliffs Chiropractor Southend we realise that without good health, our whole life suffers. Our work, relationships, hobbies and our enjoyment of life. Being a leading Southend chiropractor, we love to hear back from satisfied, happy, healthy patients. A few months ago we received a letter all the way from Canada from a patient […]

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Paz celebrates 10 years at Cliffs Chiropractor Southend

On Thursday 6th November one of our marvelous members of staff here at Cliffs, celebrated 10 years working at the clinic. Paramjit Nandhra, also known as Paz, has been working at Cliffs for 10 years and we thought it only appropriate to celebrate with a cake. Paz first qualified as a Doctor of Chiropractic after […]

Cliffs have saved my life – Bernice Barber’s story about Cliffs Chiropractor Southend

We have had many patients here at Cliffs Chiropractor Clinic near Southend, suffering from back pain and neck pain amongst other concerns. Bernice found Cliffs Chiropractor from looking through her local directory. Bernice was in such pain she didn’t know who to turn to and had gone through all the osteopaths and chiropractors in her […]

What are you putting your back through everyday? Cliffs Chiropractor Southend shares this advice

Here at Cliffs Chiropractor Southend we treat people everyday who are suffering from back pain and other injuries. Two of the main causes of back pain are sleeping and sitting. A report has found that over 77% surveyed, were currently experiencing back and neck pain or have suffered from it in the past. Most people […]

I no longer have to use painkillers– Katie Goodwin’s story about Cliffs Chiropractor Southend

We have had many patients here at Cliffs Chiropractor Clinic near Southend, suffering from back pain and neck pain amongst other concerns. Katie G first met Dr Arif Soomro, from Cliffs Chiropractor Southend, at a Christmas Fair back in 2012. Katie was having a lot of pain in her lower back and her right hip. […]