Walking in a Winter Wonderland? Our Experienced Chiropractor in Southend Shares Winter Safety Advice.

Winter weather can be magical. Nothing quite creates that warm and fuzzy feeling like snuggling up on the sofa as the sparkling snowdrops sprinkle against the windows. Every roof top is coated with chunky carpets of dazzling snow and every twiggy branch on every twiggy tree is dressed to match.

Ahh, winter …such a beautiful time of year – until you step outside!

Our award winning Chiropractor in Southend warns that although we like to imagine the colder months being as perfect as the front of a Christmas card, the reality is often much different. Treacherously icy roads and pavements mean that we are at a much higher risk of injuries caused by slipping and even our ‘ice walk’ positions (we’ve all done it!) can be as hazardous to our back health as the winter weather itself.

Our experienced Southend chiropractor suggests the following to stay safe this winter:

  • Buy footwear with large, raised treads on the sole.
  • Wear warm clothing that allows you to move freely.
  • Keep your hands out of your pockets (wear gloves instead) so that you can use your arms to maintain better balance.
  • Pay attention to parts of the ground that have been in a shadow or under trees as there is more likely to be black ice in these areas.
  • If you fall, stay relaxed and curl up and ‘roll’ with the fall. This will lessen any pain you may feel by minimising the jarring effect on your body.

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Leading Chiropractor in Southend Backs New 4-Step Plan to End Back Pain

Leading Chiropractor in Southend Backs New 4-Step Plan to End Back PainSuffering from chronic back pain or discomfort can make you feel like you’re in an incredibly lonely place. The things you used to enjoy doing may now have become daunting challenges; leaving you in a daily cycle of agony, monotony and frustration.

But you are not alone; as 2.5 million people in the UK complain of severe daily back pain!

These are 2.5 million people who could end their agony in four simple steps, according to the British Chiropractic Association.

And it’s got a lot to do with sitting correctly.

The Office for National ­Statistics have recently revealed that neck, back and muscle conditions were responsible for thirty-one million days of work being lost last year alone.* But could this really be linked to sitting down for too long?

Our award winning Southend chiropractor believes so; and research suggests the same.

Dubbed as the “new smoking” and the UK’s “sedentary epidemic”; sitting puts twice as much pressure on the spine than standing. And sitting for more than four hours at a time is being directly linked to conditions such as cancer, diabetes and dementia.

In an age where millions of people are needlessly suffering – many of these under 30 – there has never been a more crucial time to make a stand against back pain!

As a renowned chiropractor in Southend, we treat back pain sufferers on a daily basis and we work collaboratively with each of our patients to educate them on the importance of sitting in a safe position. While our modern sedentary lifestyles mean we regularly sit for up to ten hours a day, small changes can make a big difference to our spinal health.

Our leading Southend chiropractors believe that following these four simple daily steps could eliminate back pain for massive amounts of people:

1: Sit up straight – at home, in work and while you’re in the car.

2: If you use a desktop computer, adjust the screen so that the top of it is level with your eyebrows and tilt your chair forward slightly.

3: Stretch, change position and move from your chair every 20-30 minutes.

4: Stay hydrated by replacing caffeinated drinks such as tea and coffee for water.

A worrying 86% of people recently surveyed by the British Chiropractor Association were either currently experiencing some sort of neck or back pain or had in the past.

As a Southend chiropractor dedicated to patient education, we believe that simple and practical advice can significantly help to bring this number down.

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*Based on new research from the British Chiropractic Association.

Don’t Turn Your Back on Back Health, Warns Leading Chiropractor in Southend

For many of the patients who visit Cliffs Chiropractor Southend, back pain is a long-standing nemesis. With some sufferers coming to us after years of battling with discomfort and pain, we are on a mission to help prevent back pain before it goes on to cause chronic problems.

But it seems that patients visiting our Southend chiropractor are not the only people who have left their back pain go untreated in the past. A recent study by the British Chiropractic Association reveals that a worrying 71% of people with back pain have been suffering for up to a decade! * What’s even more concerning is that many of those surveyed admitted to not taking positive measures to look after their backs.

As a leading chiropractor in Southend, we pride ourselves on working together with each of our patients to incorporate simple lifestyle changes to help prevent back conditions from developing and to aid the recovery of existing back problems. The British Chiropractic Association (BCA) is doing the same. Following the revelations from the study, the BCA is encouraging everyone to implement small steps into their day-to-day routines to lessen the risk of back and neck pain developing. And with a whopping 40% of those surveyed confessing to have never taken any regular measures to protect their backs (!)*, it seems like this advice is very much needed!

So how can you close the door on back pain before it becomes an unwelcome daily visitor?

Here are three simple and practical tips from our leading chiropractor in Southend.

1: Slouch means “ouch!” so sit up straight…

Relaxing and sitting comfortably doesn’t have to mean slumping into a damaging curve – quite the opposite, actually. When you sit down, make sure your bottom and your shoulder blades touch the seat back. Your hips should be higher than your knees with your feet resting flat on the floor.

When you’re driving, tilt the seat slightly backwards. This will create a comfortable driving angle and will allow your elbows to relax at the steering wheel.

2: Create a 30 minute movement rule…

Every 20 – 30 minutes, stretch, change your position and walk around for a few minutes. If your job makes it difficult to get away from your desk or workstation, gently massage the back of your head and neck while taking slow, deep breaths. These small daily actions will help prevent and reduce back pain by encouraging balance, flexibility and strength in the spine.

3: Drink more to do more…

Drinking plenty of water is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to keep healthy, so ditch those caffeine and sugar-rich drinks and get sipping that H20! An increase in your daily water intake is sure to boost your energy levels, so get moving too! Making small changes such as taking the stairs instead of the lift and walking to the shops instead of driving can make all the difference to back health.

Are you going to join us on our mission to get Britain back healthy?

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*Based on new consumer research by the British Chiropractic Association

Dedicated Southend Chiropractor raises £130 in Back Care Raffle

The team at Cliffs Chiropractor Southend have once again shown their commitment to helping back pain sufferers by raising a generous £130 in a raffle for the BackCare charity!

Charlie drew the winning ticket that went to Yvonne Fountain! A massive “Congratulations!” to Yvonne who won a neck pillow, a wedge cushion and a reusable ice pack worth £70!

Also a big “thank you” to Charlie, a champion angler, for drawing the winning ticket!

BackCare funds scientific research into the causes of back pain as well as back pain prevention and management. Our dedicated chiropractors in Southend are proud to support BackCare in their unwavering commitment to helping this cause.

Thanks again to everyone who took part in the raffle – every penny makes a real difference!

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Cliffs awarded Chiropractor of the Year

Arif MElanie and cupWe are so thrilled and honoured to have been awarded the BCA Chiropractor of the Year Award. The award is given for exceptional achievements within the chiropractic profession in the UK and it’s great to be recognised for what we love to do.

The Award was presented to Melanie and Arif by Matthew Bennett, the President of the British Chiropractic Association (BCA), at the recent BCA Conference.

Cliffs Chiropractor Southend receive Chiropractor of the YearHere are some of the achievements that Matthew included in his presentation speech that led to us being recognised for our exceptional achievements within the chiropractic profession in the UK:

  • Multi Disciplinary clinic since 1994.
  • Additional qualifications in paediatrics, acupuncture, herbalism
  • Patient Partnership Quality Mark (PPQM) 2012, 2015
  • Clinical Management Quality Mark (CMQM) 2013 for excellence in meeting patient expectations and good governance, outcome measures, risk management and patient safety
  • Care Quality Commission (CQC) registered
  • The first chiropractic clinic in the country to install a computerised x-ray system (2003)
  • 2014 Customer Service Award from the global clinic comparison site WhatClinic.com.
  • First Chiropractic Clinic to be included in the prestigious Parliamentary Review. The Review highlights best practices in the private healthcare industry.

Every member of our team at Cliffs contributes every day to our aim of providing exceptional service to each and everyone of our patients. We couldn’t do it without you.

What’s your gut telling you? Melanie at Cliffs Chiropractor Southend shares this

Second only to colds, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is one of the primary reasons people go to the doctor and a common reason that they miss work.
But what is IBS? It is not a disease but a group of symptoms that can include constipation, diarrhoea, severe bloating, wind, abdominal pain, lack of appetite and nausea. It can even be linked with severe headaches and vomiting.

It is estimated that up to two-thirds of people with IBS have one or more food allergies. Determining which foods cause allergies can be difficult; the most likely culprits are dairy products and gluten rich grains such as wheat. One of the easiest ways to help pinpoint an offender is to write a food diary, recording foods eaten and symptoms. If you notice that certain foods make you feel bad, try eliminating them from your diet- one at a time- and see if your symptoms improve. Start reading the labels on food products and look for any common links.

Conventional treatments for IBS include laxatives, antispasmodics and tranquillisers. When these don’t work doctors often put the patients’ symptoms down to psychological factors. Although stress undoubtedly plays a part in most digestive disorders it is unlikely to be the sole cause of the problem.
Common abnormalities of your digestive system leading to IBS include lack of digestive enzymes and acid production (heartburn and indigestion are not always due to excess acid).

A major problem in gut disorders is your digestive systems ecology. Our gut flora (microbiota) contains tens of trillions of microorganisms, including at least 1000 different species of known bacteria and can, in total, weigh up to 2 kg! One third of our gut microbiota is common to most people, while two thirds are specific to each one of us. In other words, the gut flora in your intestine is like an individual identity card.
While each of us has a unique microbiota, it always fulfills the same physiological functions, with direct impact on our health.

Some of the functions are:
• It helps the body to digest certain foods that the stomach and small intestine have not been able to digest.
• It helps with the production of some vitamins (B and K).
• It helps us combat attacks from other microorganisms, maintaining the wholeness of the intestinal mucosa.
• It plays an important role in the immune system, having a barrier effect.
• A healthy and balanced gut flora is key to ensuring proper digestive functioning.

Dysbiosis is the name for microbial imbalance in the digestive tract when potential pathogens (normal in small numbers) start to predominate. Common symptoms are not only those of IBS but also inflammatory bowel disease, allergies, some forms of arthritis and autoimmune diseases.
If you think you may have dysbiosis or IBS for a tailored programme to suit your problem it is always best to consult an experienced practitioner working in this field, but here are some tips for attaining a healthy bowel and encouraging normal gut flora.

If you do think you may have dysbiosis or IBS for a tailored programme to suit your problem it is always best to consult an experienced practictioner working in this field.

If you have any questions then don’t hesitate to contact Melanie at Cliffs Chiropractor Southend. You can contact us at Cliffs Chiropractor Southend on 01702 430430.

Did you see Arif in the newspaper?

Arif at Cliffs Chiropractor SouthendArif recently appeared in the Colchester Gazette and Southend Basildon Echo. As a trained paediatric chiropractor, Arif is a leading spokesperson in the UK for children’s backcare.

In this article Arif outlines the challenges that our children increasingly face in keeping their backs and bodies healthy and advocates that parents should set a good posture example. So sit up straight everyone! You can read the entire backcare article here.

“Parents are always telling their children to sit or stand straight, but do they look at their own postures in the mirror? Back care in children should
be habit like brushing your teeth, seeing the dentist or opthalmologist.” says Arif.

Arif goes on to warn “Back pain is not just about posture, either. If you sit in a slumped way you are compressing your lungs, your heart needs to work harder to get blood and oxygen around the body and your brain needs oxygen to work. If children are slumped it affects their learning.”

Read the entire backcare article here.

If you are worried about your child’s posture and back or you may even be concerned about your own posture and back then don’t hesitate to get in touch with Arif and the team at Cliffs. You can contact us at Cliffs Chiropractor Southend on 01702 430430.

10 things to do to help your gut shares Melanie at Cliffs Chiropractor Southend

Just as a garden needs weeding and pruning, your intestines need regular maintenance, especially if you suffer from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Here are 10 tips you can follow to help you attain a healthy bowel and encourage normal gut flora.

If you suffer from IBS here are 10 things you can do to help yourself:

1. Take it easy. Try at mealtimes to be as calm and stress-free as possible. Eat slowly and chew food thoroughly to improve digestion.

2. Fibre. Get enough of this by eating plenty of fruit and vegetables and some grains. Fibre can help both constipation and diarrhoea by regulating the contractions in the gut that move the food along.

3. Avoid wind causers. Pass on the wind forming foods such as beans, cabbage, and fizzy drinks.

4. Cut the sugar. Sugars can ferment in the intestines and produce wind and they feed poor gut flora.

5. Accept no substitutes. Sorbitol and Xylitol used as sweeteners can aggravate IBS

6. Avoid irritants. Fatty foods, coffee (including decaffeinated), alcohol, spicy food can induce intestinal spasm resulting in cramps and diarrhoea.

7. Acidophilus. One of the most helpful supplements for IBS is Lactobacillus acidophilus. This beneficial bacterium has been shown to suppress the overgrowth of unhealthy bacteria, yeasts and parasites. For best results obtain a product that guarantees at least 2.5 billion live organisms per gram and take 1,000 to 4,000 milligrams per day. (For more individual help some bacteria are better than others for specific symptoms, please chat to your chiropractor about this).

8. Digestive enzymes. These assist in the breakdown of food. Look for tablets containing a mixed source such as papain, bromelain, lipase, amylase, protease and cellulose.

9. Drink peppermint or chamomile tea frequently. These act as a sedative and are anti-inflammatory relieving spasm and wind, soothing the intestinal tract.

10. Drink two litres of fluid a day to help everything move more easily through the intestines.

If you do think you may have dysbiosis or IBS for a tailored programme to suit your problem it is always best to consult an experienced practictioner working in this field.

If you have any questions then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Melanie at Cliffs Chiropractor Southend. You can contact us at Cliffs Chiropractor Southend on 01702 430430.