Our team at Cliffs Chiropractor Southend share their 2016 New Year’s Resolutions

Xmas Party 11We thought we would share with you the New Year’s Resolutions our team members have made for 2016. We’d love to hear yours!

Arif – always listen to my wife! (written by Melanie without his knowledge!!)

Melanie – “eat the Frog”- do the one thing each day first that you’d rather put off till tomorrow

Paz – stop making lists

Lisa – stop buying shoes

Gill – started yoga and feeling the health benefits

Sarah – giving up crisps

Sue – cut down on chocolate

So there you go – share your New Year’s Resolutions with us by commenting on this post or get in touch on our Facebook page.

2015 Awards and Recognitions for Cliffs Chiropractor Southend

Xmas Party 1We want to thank all of you who supported us during 2015 and helped make 2015 such a fantastic year for Cliffs.

We are proud to have been recognised for our achievements as a clinic and in the field of Chiropractic and Health care with many rewards and recognitions.

We couldn’t do this without a wonderful team and the most amazing patients. Our resoultion to you all is to continue to do all that we can deliver you the most amazing Va Va Voom service possible in 2016.

2015 Awards & Recognitions

British Chiropractic Association Chiropractor of the Year: Awarded to Arif and Melanie for exceptional achievements within the chiropractic profession in the UK and it’s great to be recognised for what we love to do.

The first BCA chiropractic clinic in the UK chosen to be in The Parliamentary Review: The Review highlights best practices in the private healthcare industry with a strategic aim of raising standards. It is considered an indispensable guide to best practices in the industry and highlights how leaders in their field have been innovative and responded to economic and political change.

Awarded Clinical Mangement Quality Mark (CMQM) for the second time: The CMQM recognises excellence in terms of operating within a structured and managed clinical environment. Applicants must demonstrate excellence in a range of areas including: clinical audit, risk management, incident reporting, outcome measurement, patient satisfaction, emergency procedures and operational policy.

The Only 5 Star Google Rated Chiropractor in the Southend Area (with over 35 Reviews):


Rated 1st out of 534 Chiropractors in Free Index:


69 Facebook Reviews with over 1,200 likees:


Honoured by the Essex Chamber of Commerce: Deemed by the Essex Chamber of Commerce to be one of the county’s most successful and leading businesses, Arif and Melanie were honoured to be requested to host a visit to Cliffs Chiropractic by Nora senior, National President of the British Chamber of Commerce (BCC).


The Importance of Detox

beet juiceHow many of us after Christmas couldn’t do with helping our bodies to overcome the toxic overload and giving them a spring clean in the New Year?

Here is a plan which if you follow for 14 days will make you feel more energetic, less tired, aid digestion and improve your complexion.

Every day life exposes us to a lot of chemicals and toxins that put extra stress on our bodies on a daily basis. We have a great system for dealing with the onslaught, and that’s the liver. It is responsible for processing all our rubbish, both what we ingest and what is made in our bodies. But we need to make sure that it is working properly, by giving it all the materials it needs to function to its best ability. Your liver relies on some essential nutrients, amino acids, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. If the process is put under pressure the system becomes unbalanced and the liver will be unable to effectively eliminate all the toxins.

This can lead to symptoms of toxic overload, which may include:
• Allergies and sensitivities (often to things that previously didn’t cause a problem)
• Depression
• Aches and pains
• Bloating
• Memory and concentration problems
• Headaches
• Skin rashes

VeggiesDay 1 – 3

  • Drink 2 litres of water a day
  • No red meat, no alcohol, no products containing white flour. Try and reduce your sugar intake.
  • Eat a lot of vegetables the wider the variety of colours the better.
  • Eat little and often rather than large meals and don’t eat anything after 8.00pm
  • Foods to aid the liver include:
    • Broccoli, cabbage and watercress, romaine lettuce, chicory, celery, parsley and asparagus
    • Antioxidant rich, vibrantly coloured fruits and vegetables, such as berries.
  • Take Vitamin C 1000mg a day.

Days 4 – 7

Keep following the above diet but add 2 glasses of carrot or beet juice (available at supermarkets). These will support the liver and they are full of nutrients.

  • Reduce exposure to toxins further by moderating consumption of:
    • Caffeine, including cola and chocolate
    • Refined sugars
    • Food additives
  • Take a good quality probiotic daily for a month.

Days 8 – 14

You should be feeling less tired by now and sleeping better.

Add the occasional portion of red meat to your diet if you feel the need. High quality proteins, such as pulses, nuts and seeds are great for helping you feel full. If you are hungry eat six nuts at a time and wait 20 mins before eating anything else.

Drink green tea regularly, catechins from green tea are thought to boost liver detoxification pathways. They are also potent antioxidants. Dandelion, turmeric and milk thistle are all herbs that help boost the liver’s detoxification process.

After 14 days if you stick with only one idea then do drink more water on a daily basis, you will feel lighter, brighter and happier.

Look slimmer taller and younger and get a better back too


good postureHaving good posture means holding your body upright against gravity, we can look younger and slimmer, breathe more easily and have more energy but we need to train our bodies to do this.

The ideal posture allows for a plumb line to hang straight through your ear, shoulder, hip, knee and ankle. Try and stand in a relaxed way but gently contracting your abdominal muscles. When sitting, the same is true. The gravity line should pass thorough ear, shoulder and hip.

‘Straighten Up’ is a simple, three-minute exercise programme for all ages, designed to help strengthen the spine, improve posture and help joints.

These exercises can release tension in your shoulders so you look less hunched, build core muscle which will flatten your stomach, stretch your chest muscles so you can breath more easily and deeply helping you to feel more energised.

Give them a go for a New Year and New You.

Watch the video here:

You can also find a lot of valuable posture advice on the BCA website

How does Arif start his day with Va Va Voom

Photo Booth 1If you know Arif you would have experienced his high level of energy and enthusiasm.

So we asked Arif to share his secret with us and you may be surprised at how simple the answer is.

Start the day with laying on your back in bed and breath in deeply through your nose to fill your ‘tummy’ with air for a count of 5, hold for a count of 20, and breath out through your mouth for a count of 10.

Repeat 3 times.

This optimises the exchange of oxygen in and CO2 out so you start the day with more energy and Va Va Voom!

If you want to be even more ambitious then Arif says:

“I also run 2KM most mornings before 6am and before starting work. I believe the 10 minutes of high exertion releases steroids and adrenalin into the body that boosts immunity in addition to keeping your heart and lungs in peak condtion. Doing it first thing means it becomes routine and you can get it done before the excuses to not do it come into your head!!”

Our Leading Southend Chiropractor Promotes Great Posture in Children!

baby on floorWe advise all parents to promote good posture in their children; and this can begin from before a child is even sitting up.

Parents are naturally excited to see their children reach new developmental milestones, but according to our experienced chiropractor in Southend, encouraging our children to do things too soon can have negative consequences.

One of the most common mistakes for developing a baby’s posture is to put the baby in a sitting position when they are not yet strong enough to sit on their own. Many parents place their hand behind their babies to catch them if they fall backwards; assuming that this is the way that babies learn to sit. But, according to our Southend chiropractor, this can cause the baby to sit with a curved spine, with their head hunched forward. This can result in the muscles becoming overworked and stiff, and can potentially cause a delay in motor skill development.

Our Southend chiropractor warns that while all parents are eager to see their children reach new milestones, we should not rush our babies to sit, stand or walk. Instead, we should provide the baby with plenty of floor time; working together for a few minutes a day to guide their learning processes.

Many babies and toddlers don’t lay on their tummies to play; and this activity is vitally important for developing the extensor muscles in the back to build postural control. There are a variety of fun activities that children can undertake in the belly down position such as doing puzzles, playing with wind-up toys and enjoying arts and crafts and games. Our Southend chiropractor recommends water play for toddlers, who may be less interesting in sitting still after discovering the excitement of walking, running and climbing! A good idea is to fill the bathtub with a small amount of water and let your toddler lay on their belly whilst scribbling on the side of the bath with bath crayons (they easily wash off!). Other bath toys such as water funnels, boats and toy ducks are fun ways to encourage your little one to enjoy playing in the belly-down position.

Our experienced chiropractor in Southend advises that the ideal position is to lay your baby/toddler flat on their tummy, propped up through the shoulders with the stabilising hand supporting their body weight while the other arm is used to play.

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