On Your Feet Britain Day – Stand Up to Your Right to Good Health!

Did you know that sitting down for more than 4 hours a day can put you at greater risk of developing obesity, heart disease, diabetes and even cancer? That’s without the added pressure you’re putting on your spine! But it’s not just our chiropractors here in Southend who are making a stand against sitting down; […]

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The Queen at 90 looks amazing; what’s her secret? Walking.

Arif Soomro, founder of Cliffs Chiropractic Clinic in Essex, and Chiropractor of the Year, has analysed the Queen’s posture and says that everyone would improve their health and wellbeing if they took a leaf from her book and walked. There aren’t many men and women who are working full time in their 80s, let alone […]

Inside the Incredible Body of a Marathon Runner!

Inside the Incredible Body of a Marathon Runner!

Once again this year, tens of thousands of runners will face the ultimate physical challenge as they pound the streets of London during the grueling 26 mile marathon.   Widely recognised as an enormous physical achievement, marathon runners commit to many tough months of training to equip them to the finish line. But what  are these […]

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National Gardening Week – Keep Your Back Health in Full Bloom!

The sunnier weather will soon be upon us and that means pulling out our green fingers and getting our gardens looking all pretty and perfect in time for the summer. But while visions of lazy hazy summer days may get us all motivated to put our gardening gloves on, we must be mindful to protect […]