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School Kids : Protect Their Back Health

With nearly 80% of people experiencing back pain at some point during their lives, it’s important that children look after their spines from a young age. Our Southend chiropractor, who has extensive experience in treating children, shares simple tips on preventing childhood back pain… 1:Keep Your Children Active Staying active helps to keep children a […]

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How a Miserable Baby Became an Angel

Newborn babies, cry. But the instincts of this tired and frazzled mum told her that her baby’s crying wasn’t normal. Fortunately she found Cliffs and with Arif’s help things changed for baby Jack and mum Andrea. You may have read this story in the Echo … Click here to read baby Jack and mum Andrea’s story […]

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Back to Business is Launched at London Southend Airport

Our exciting B2B (Back to Business) campaign has officially begun. We were invited to London Southend Airport to launch the campaign with a powerful takeoff. B2B is our campaign for bringing simple exercises to those desk bound at work, to ease and help prevent back pain. With nearly 10 million working days being lost to […]

One Small Change That Could Save Your Back Health

According to our experienced chiropractor in Southend, making an effort to sit less and stand more may bring significant benefits to your back health. When you sit, the discs in your lower back are loaded three times more than when standing. With this in mind, it’s hardly surprising that frequently sitting for long periods of […]

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Back Pain: The Benefits of Positive Thinking

Dealing with chronic back pain can bring a sense of disruption to everyday life – the things that were once easy and enjoyable may now seem daunting or even impossible. For many people living with chronic pain – especially those who have been suffering with a painful condition for a long time – these changes […]

How Children Can Benefit from Chiropractic Treatment

Chiropractor Arif Soomro at Cliffs is renowned in Southend for the safe, gentle and effective treatment of babies and children. He has developed as a specialist in the chiropractic treatment of pregnant ladies and children since 1999 and is a Fellow of the International Chiropractic Paediatric Association. Over the years he has continued to develop his […]