Eat Your Way to a Pain-Free Summer

Whether it’s the colourful flowers in full bloom or the longer, brighter days, there’s just something about summertime that gives us that extra zest to be fit and healthy. To help you boost your health this summer, our Southend chiropractor lists three surprising foods that are known to have pain-fighting components. Enjoy…

1: Ginger

Although ginger is traditionally used to combat nausea, it has also been found to contain inflammation-fighting compounds.

2: Coffee

Possibly the trendiest drink in the world right now, low doses of coffee are believed to help reduce the perception of pain.

3: Red Grapes

As if the juicy and refreshing taste of red grapes wasn’t appealing enough, they have now been found to contain resveratrol – a chemical compound that is believed to have anti-inflammatory benefits.

Feed your spine well this summer; you are what you eat after all!

Chris’s Chiropractic Story


We see amazing results everyday in practice. This is the fuel that feeds our passion for chiropractic and why you’ll notice our clinic is a happy place to visit.

Chris’s story is one example of the amazing results we see and we invite you to share in his story.


Chris is a 28 year old ‘child’ with global learning difficulties and a loving mother who wants his life to be happier. This heart felt video is one example that gives hope.

Please share this video so that others can see the power of chiropractic.




Meet Carly who has joined our team

CarlyphotoWe are very pleased to be able to introduce Carly our newest team member to you.

Carly is very excited to join the team and looking forward to getting to know all our amazing patients.

When you visit the clinic next be sure to say hi to her.

We’ll let Carly introduce herself to you now …

“Hi everyone, my name is Carly and I am the new receptionist at The Cliffs Chiropractic Clinic, I have worked in the customer service industry for over 14 years now and really enjoy working with the public. I am bright, bubbly and always welcome everybody with a warming smile😊 I live at home with my partner Anthony and our two amazing boys Callum and Jayden who are 6 and 3. I was so excited to join the team at the clinic and get to know all the amazing patients that I have been told about. Since starting at the clinic I have realised that it is not just a job but it is like being part of a second family where I feel valued and keen to come to work every day! I look forward to meeting you all and working at the clinic for many years to come😊”



B2B Taking Shape

Back to BusinessIn April we launched our B2B (Back to Business) campaign at London Southend Airport. Next on the list is HMRC Southend where there are 1,200 staff, the majority of whom are deskbound and have an average age of 50.

If you know of other businesses in the area that are interested in helping their staff improve their health and wellbeing, please contact Cliffs and ask to speak to Arif Soomro to arrange a workshop.

B2B is a fitness campaign with a difference: our goal is to help adults look after their backs by adopting a better posture at work – often hard to achieve if you’re sitting at a desk for most of the day. We saw this as important because back pain isn’t just painful, it’s expensive too; in 2014 back pain accounted for a loss of 10 million working days, or over a billion pounds, to the UK economy.

First we created a series of, easy-to-do exercises that would have the maximum impact on posture and energy levels, then we approached Jon Horne, the Chief Operating Officer at the airport and a back pain sufferer himself, to see whether he would like to be involved. He was keen for all his staff to benefit from this kind of programme, so we ran our first workshop with the air traffic controllers and then rolled Back to Business out to the rest of the staff.

Next on the list is HMRC Southend where there are 1,200 staff, the majority of whom are deskbound, and have an average age of 50. Our Back to Business programme will be perfect for them, as these exercises have been developed to be performed within the confines of an office space. Important too is helping to prevent and reduce musculo-skeletal problems which are, currently, the second highest cause of absence after stress at HMRC Southend.

If other businesses in the area are interested in helping their staff improve their health and wellbeing through Back to Business, please contact Cliffs and ask to speak to Arif Soomro to arrange your workshop.



Three Things You Can Do This Summer to Improve Your Spine Health

back care advice from our chiropractor in southendSummer is finally here but can your spine cope with all the fun and frolics that come with the hot weather?

Here our Southend chiropractor reveals three incredibly simple ways that you can keep your back fighting fit all summer long:

1: Ditch the Flip Flops

They maybe cool and convenient, but flip flops provide zero support for your feet, which is seriously bad news for your spine! This summer, whether you’re walking for exercise or just taking a casual stroll along the beach, choose shoes with a supportive base to help the spine and body stay in alignment.  Ideally, the part of the shoe that fits the back of your heel should be snug to avoid the risk of rolling the foot to the outside or inside.

2:  Take Breaks from Lounging

Although resting can create initial relief and comfort, the discs in your lower back are loaded 3-times more while sitting than standing. Sitting on the beach for hours on end may make for a blissful thought, but the reality is it is likely to cause or aggravate a painful back injury. Summer also brings many opportunities to socialise over a tropical tipple or two – a situation in which most of us have a tendency to slouch. Try and remember to maintain a good posture (no matter how much fun you’re having!) to reduce the risk of stressing your lumbar discs.

If you’re in an environment that’s likely to see you sitting for extended periods (such as the beach or in a beer garden), get up, stretch and walk around every 20 – 30 minutes. Remember that the spine is designed to move – and movement facilitates the delivery of healthy nutrients to the spine.

3: Sleep Well

Summer may bring longer days and shorter nights but that doesn’t mean you should alter your sleeping pattern. During the night while you’re asleep, the hard working structures of your spine finally get the chance to rest and be revitalised. If you don’t regularly get enough quality sleep, you’re not the only one who will feel fatigued and run down– your spine will too!

Implement these three simple tips this summer and you’re spine may just be a whole lot brighter!

Summer Walks in Leigh on Sea for a Healthy Spine

back care advice from our chiropractor near leigh on seaThere are few things more enjoyable than a peaceful summer’s walk. Breathing in the tranquil fresh air and soaking up the vibrant blooming scenery with not so much as a single distraction is good for both the body and mind – especially if you suffer from back pain.

According to our chiropractor near Leigh on Sea, regular walking can reduce the likelihood or severity of additional episodes of back pain and can even enhance your ability to continue undertaking everyday activities.

Here are three ways that walking can help your back pain:

1: It can strengthen the muscles in your feet, legs, hips, and torso

Walking helps to condition the muscles that keep your body in the upright position, which will in turn increase the stability of your spine.

2: It can nourish your spinal structures

Walking encourages strong circulation which facilitates the delivery of essential nutrients to soft tissues.

3: It can help with flexibility and posture

Regular walking promotes a greater range of motion which helps to prevent the risk of future injuries.

Leigh on Sea offers some fantastic scenic walking paths that are suitable for beginners and more advanced walkers.

The Leigh on Sea rail station walk is a firm favourite amongst our patients and is suitable for those of you suffering from back pain. The scenic walk takes place along the coastal path between Leigh on Sea rail station and Benfleet station in Essex and provides a variety of stunning views on clear summer days. The path is completely flat with plenty of charming pubs, as well as the cockle sheds and a beach in pretty cobblestoned old fishing village on route.

For more advanced walkers, the Leigh on Sea castle walk provides wonderful views along the Thames and across to Canvey Island. This path involves a little road walking and some parts can be muddy or wet after heavy rain.

Who would have known that a simple summer stroll could bring so many health benefits to your spine? Start putting one foot in front of the other and you never know, you really could be “walking on sunshine” this summer!

Lounging on the Beach This Summer? Watch Your Back and Neck

If you’re planning a trip abroad this summer (or even if the British weather holds out), you’ll probably be looking forward to long, lazy days of rest and relaxation. But according to our Southend chiropractor, lying in the sun for hours on end can be harmful to your neck and back (and we’re not just talking about sunburn!).

Lying on your stomach – which is a favourite sunbathing position – flattens the natural curve in the lower back. You’re also more likely to turn your head to one side when you lie in this position, which can distort the alignment of the vertebrae in your cervical spine. That’s without the compression of your heart, lungs and nerves (ever wondered why you sometimes experience “pins and needles” when you’re in a certain position?)!

Our chiropractor in Southend recommends that you avoid lying on your stomach for long periods of time – especially if you currently suffer or have previously suffered from back or neck pain.