An Hour of Activity Could Save Your Life

back care advice from cliffs chiropractor southendDo you regularly sit for prolonged periods of time?

Do you generally lead an inactive lifestyle?

If so, you could be putting yourself at risk of dying prematurely – even more at risk than those who smoke!

According to recent findings, a shocking 5.3 million premature deaths a year are linked to inactivity, compared to 5.1 million linked to smoking! These worrying figures from a recent study published in the Lancet to coincide with the Olympics.

In light of these revelations, our Southend chiropractor warns that while many people recognise that an inactive lifestyle can cause back pain, many are unaware of the most sinister risks it brings. Many of us – especially office workers – sit for more than eight hours a day, five days  a week, and for the majority of us who do so, this level of inactivity is deemed as a necessity to carry out our work.

But this frequency of prolonged inactivity is now linked to serious health conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer. It’s therefore crucially important that all office workers (particularly those of us who don’t engage in regular physical activity) make a focused effort to incorporate some form of exercise into our daily schedules. Just one hour of exercise a day can actually offset these health risks.

The results of the study revealed  that people who sat down for eight hours a day, but still engaged in regular physical activity, had a significantly reduced chance of early death compared with people who sat for fewer hours a day, but do not exercise.

If a full hour’s physical activity every day seems unrealistic, our chiropractor recommends incorporating small fragments of manageable exercises into the day. Getting off the bus a stop sooner, for example, or climbing the stairs instead of riding in the lift can make a difference. Walking during lunch and tea breaks and parking the car further away from the office are also great ways to slot in some health-boosting exercise. The bottom line is that we should all be looking at ways to reduce the amount of time for which we are sedentary and increase our physical activity.

Increased activity doesn’t cost you anything, but inactivity could cost you your health, and according to this recent study, even your life.

Move more. Live more.


Walk More. Live Longer.

Walking is one of the best forms of exercise we can all take and is one of the easiest and most effective ways to keep your spine healthy

It is simple, doesn’t require any special equipment, all the family can join in and it’s free. It’s also a great way to get out and about and visit the local area.

There are so many great places to walk around Southend and the surrounding areas such as Leigh on Sea and Hadleigh.

As a chiropractor near Leigh on Sea a popular walk that you can take starts and ends in Hadleigh and takes in Leigh and Sea.  It covers about 6 miles. Starting at Chapel Lane car park and finishing at Hadleigh Castle Country Park (with plenty of stops for refreshments in between), this wonderful walk offers generous views across the scenic Thames estuary and Canvey Island. With Canary Walk to the west and the beautiful Kent countryside to the South, you can expect to sink into the historical ambience along your way, and catch some amazing views of the local wildlife! Here is a link to find out more about this walk.

Make the most of the incredible area you live in – put one foot in front of the other and take the first steps towards a longer and healthier life!

Leigh-on-Sea named as the happiest place in Britain to live

back care advice from our chiropractor near leigh on seaLeigh-on-Sea scooped top position in a study undertaken by property website Rightmove to find the happiest places to live in the UK. Leigh-on-Sea scored highly on a number of features, in particular, community spirit and a strong sense of belonging.

Every day at Cliffs we are grateful for our happy patients who come from the surrounding areas including Leigh-on-Sea. We can’t thank you all enough for all the wonderful feedback you give us all at Cliffs.

Here are just a few of the 5 star reviews our patients have added to Google:

“Since coming to The Cliffs Chiropractic Clinic I have movement within my neck and lower back that for years only resulted in pain. Arif found the source of my problems and came up with a treatment plan to resolve my problems and monthly appointments to maintain my spines full potential.

I also had adjustments throughout my pregnancy. I was worried that my lower back would suffer in pregnancy with the previous issues I had but Arif was very informative and reassuring with the recommended treatment he gave; I feel that these adjustments made my pregnancy as comfortable as it could be. Afri checked my daughter after she was born and administered cranial treatment over a number of weeks, they seems painless and she was always content after having treatment.
All of the staff at the Clinic are warm and welcoming and go above and beyond to ensure I experience first class treatment on every visit.” Emma Setter

“I have attended the Cliffs Chiropractic Clinic for over 11 years now. They have been fantastic in improving and maintaining my health. This has become my first stop for any physical injuries before any doctors, as I know the issue will be treated rather than just masked with drugs. The staff are very friendly and make you feel like your get a personalised service every time.

As someone that likes to be active, though is not on the best ‘shape’ for it, I have received support, advice and encouragement from my chiropractor. He has been crucial in maintaining the lifestyle that I want to lead.I cannot recommend the Cliffs Chiropractic Clinic enough – they have been my lifesavers, and over the years have become friends as well.” Nicole Cox

Suffering from a compressed disc in my lower back for a number of years my mobility was gradually getting worse. I was unable to get out of a chair easily and stand up straight, unable to run about with the kids in case I jarred it and made it worse. I had also given up my hobby of cycling as I became locked in a set position and putting any pressure of the pedals was agony. The hospital physiotherapist had given me exercises but explained that my back might always be in this condition and the lack of mobility I may have to accept as being ‘the new normal for me’ At the age of 45 I refused to accept that this was the case and made an appointment at the Cliffs Chiropractic Clinic to see Paz. What a difference! A warm welcome from the receptionists, videos explaining the treatment, a full assessment detailing all my back issues, x-rays and a full care plan followed, all explained in detail. I’m now nearing the end of my intensive treatment. I have my mobility back, have cycled 50 miles and more importantly can join in the fun with the kids. The treatment has made a huge improvement to my quality of life, Not being in constant pain not only makes a difference to me but my family as well. I can’t thank Paz enough and would recommend that anyone who is in doubt about booking an appointment – just do it! You won’t regret it.” Cheryl Perry

“I’ve attended Cliffs Chiropractic Clinic for a number of years now for maintenance treatment for my scoliosis. To me, my chiropractic treatment is as necessary as cleaning my teeth! Regular check ups and rebalancing mean that my spine functions at the top of its level, leaving me pain free, flexible and without restrictions. The treatment sessions with Paz are always an education, and his professional knowledge and explanations have given me a great sense of body awareness and confidence that the treatment plan we are following is achieving the best possible outcome for my health. Thank you so much to Paz and the whole team at Cliffs Chiropractic Clinic.” Katharine Washbrook

“After years of lower back pain I decided something needed doing and on recommendation attended The Cliffs Chiropractic Clinic and what a blessing it has been. A Consultation to see what I thought my problem was followed by X-Rays and assessment to advise of the problem and a treatment plan.The plan has been very intense, 3 times a week to start,with 10 minutes sessions where I stand on this special bed that is then placed in a laying position and then Paz begins, you are told all the time what is being done and the benefits the procedure will make, it does not hurt and relief was almost instant for me. The bed seems to take the impact but you can sometimes feel movement of the bones but this is not unpleasant. I had problems with my neck and this is manipulated at the same session, often a loud noise like a crack can be heard and this is only because noise travels through the bones of the head and the close proximity of the ear. It does not hurt.

After 3 months I am able to continue with normal everyday tasks without the constant nag of pain especially being able to go for a walk knowing I will be able to complete that walk in comfort. When I get a twinge I know to take things easy.
A friendly and professional welcome is given to all clients.
Would recommend The Cliffs Chiropractic Clinic 100%.” Barbara Heron

You can read more of the wonderful feedback our happy patients have left us here.



Caring for Carers: BackCare Awareness Week 3 – 8 October

back care advice from cliffs chiropractor southendDid you know that the UK is home to 7 million unpaid carers? A staggering 70% of them suffer from back pain, and are at greater risk of developing chronic pain.

The national back pain charity, BackCare, is working to help these UK carers with this year’s BackCare Awareness Week (3rd – 8th October).

Unpaid carers in the UK provide care and support to an ailing or disabled family member, friend or neighbour on an ongoing basis. They are estimated to save the Government a massive £119 billion every year. However, providing this care often comes at a cost to their own health. Often these carers endure higher levels of physical and emotional stress as they undertake the physical demands of caring whilst often having to cope with the emotional stress of caring for a loved one.

Given the enormous pressures on these carers it is probably not surprising that 70% of them suffer from back pain and are at greater risk of developing chronic pain. In a third of cases this is highly disabling and for the majority life long.

It’s fantastic that the BackCare charity is championing this highly deserving group of people who do so much for others with little if any recognition.






Why Is Our Reception Full of Babies and Pregnant Ladies?

treating babies at cliffs chiropractor southendAs one of the UK’s first chiropractors to qualify as a Certified Chiropractic Paediatric Practitioner, Arif, who is also a Fellow of the International Chiropractic Paediatric Association, attracts new mothers and pregnant ladies from across Essex (and further afield) who are looking for Chiropractic treatment to help them.

Many people are unware that chiropractic treatment can be effective during pregnancy and for the care of babies and children. However, a specialised approach is required for this level of chiropractic care.

You can read more about the pregnancy care and paediatric care we offer at Cliffs on our website.

We believe that it often helps to hear our patients’ own experiences of the care that we offer. Here is feedback that we received on our Facebook page recently from two of our patients.

Pregnancy Care

“If you are considering chiropractic care whilst pregnant then without a doubt do it. I had my first child without chiropractic care (was kicking myself after!) the labour was much longer as I suffered hip pain, this I discovered much later was due to a variety of issues which led to the womb becoming the shape of a 3D figure of eight. labour took much longer as the head wasn’t engaged since baby was at the top and took a considerable time to move further down. Anyway the long and short of it was a long labour with the need for a drip etc to speed things along!! However when I had my second child I had discovered the wonders of chiropractic care. The labour was the total opposite, the womb would have been balloon shaped with the regular adjustments and was much better without the need of medical interference. I gave birth at home (as planned!) in much less time and a great deal more pleasant. All I can suggest is that with chiropractic care you will give both you and baby the best advantage possible at a stressful time! If anyone would like to know more feel free to ask. Arif was amazing and soooo enthusiastic too.” Col Wright

Paediatric Care

“I have been coming to see the team here since 2011. My daughter who is now 4 has been seen by Arif since her birth in 2012.

The team are fantastic, I can leave Sophia in capable hands whilst I have my treatment and she is in safe hands. She will be a great receptionist when she grows up.

Sophia has been seeing Arif since birth and she draws him pictures. She’s gone from a babe in arms to now lying down on the table and enjoying her treatment.

Sophia has a life shorting condition and her health and welfare is paramount. We will do everything we can to keep her healthy.

I believe that her treatment here benefits her condition.” Lisa Hyde

You can read more of our Patients’ stories and testimonials on our website.

If you are pregnant or have concerns about your child or baby’s health then please give us a call and we can answer your questions and if appropraiet book an appointment for you to visit the clinic.





Did You Hear Arif on BBC Essex?

arif soomro chiropractor southendOwn up! Who’s going to admit to using their mobile phones just a little bit too much?  Just take a look around and you’ll see plenty of people of all ages hunched up over their mobile phones.

In a recent interview with Sadie Nine on BBC Essex, Arif shared the dangers of ‘Text Neck’ and what we all need to do to protect our necks while on our mobile devices.

In this 10 minute interview, Arif also answers questions that Sadie had on other issues for protecting our backs and necks. These included:

  • advice on sitting at your PC (you can get more comprehensive advice here for setting up your computer includiing a video that Arif has made)
  • how to influence good posture in children (and you can use it too)

Listen to the interview now:



Back to school: Encourage Good Back Health

back care advice for children from cliffs chiropractor southendFor many parents, September brings a sigh of relief as the kids go back to school and sanity levels can finally return to normal. But with another term comes another few months of worrying if your child is staying healthy beyond those school gates. While you can’t escape a few scraped knees here and there, you can encourage good spine health in your child and prevent their risk of developing future back problems.

Here our Southend chiropractor reveals four easy tips to ensure your child’s back-to-school is a healthy one:

1: Invest in a Good Back Pack!

Your child’s backpack should be light, snug and comfortable to wear with two wide padded shoulder straps and a waist strap. But remember a back pack is only as good as the way it is packed. Make sure your child unloads any unnecessary items every evening after school and carries the heaviest items at the bottom of the bag.

2: Encourage Good Health at Homework Time

You encourage good spine health in your child by ensuring he/ she uses a book stand while studying or reading. This will help to keep your child’s books at eye level and reduce the amount of strain on the shoulders and neck. And of course, there’s also the added bonus of creating extra desk space!

3: Warm Up For the New Term

If the typical British weather has kept your child away from many sports over the summer holidays, he/ she may need extra time warming up before they jump back into their school physical activities.

Good warm up routines should last for a minimum of 10-15 minutes and should include movements that simulate the sport about to be played.

4: Teach Good Posture

You may be able to remind your child not to slouch at home, but do your words resonate in the classroom? Instead of simply telling your child to sit up straight, educate them on the importance of good posture. Tell your child that maintaining the correct posture will reduce the amount of strain on his/ her neck shoulders and lower back and make him/ her more attentive in class!  The more your child understands the importance of good posture, the more likely they will be to practice it until it comes a natural way to sit. Encourage your child to sit with his/ her shoulders back and chin tucked in with a gentle “C curve” in the low back. You can check your child’s posture by seeing if his/ her ears, shoulders and hips follow a straight line.

Here’s to a term of A* back health!


Is Your Neck Pain Becoming a Headache?

Many people suffer from frequent headaches, but quite often the cause of the pain doesn’t originate from the head itself. For many of the patients that visit Cliffs Chiropractic Clinic in Southend, neck problems and headaches come hand in hand.

The tendons and ligaments found in the neck are common examples of soft tissues that are easily damaged. Routine habits such as sleeping in a particular position, poor posture or sitting in front of the TV or computer screen for too long can overstretch these tissues and cause the muscles of the neck to become strained.

Pain, stiffness and headaches are often the result.

If you suffer from headaches with no known cause, it may be worth getting your neck evaluated. It could just be the root of your problem.

Often patients who seek chiropractic care from our experienced team of chiropractors find relief from their cervicogenic headaches (headaches caused by neck problems). Patients suffering with migraine and tension-type headache may experience a significant reduction in the frequency and severity of headache episodes.

Seek prompt medical advice if your headaches are severe, persistent or worsening.