New Year, New Prospects! Could You Be a Chiropractor?

Ready for a change of career in 2017?  Thinking of going into the highly rewarding field of chiropractic care but don’t know where to start? Here our Southend chiropractor runs through the basics: First of all, you’ll need to get studying for your chiropractic degree. Typically, this will take you about 4 years of full-time […]

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A New Attitude for Better Health!

Thinking about making positive changes in 2017 but worried that your goals will turn into nothing more than New Year “could-have-beens”? Our Southend chiropractor wants to reassure you that it is normal to face challenges and setbacks along the way. The problem is too many of us stunt our growth and stop ourselves from achieving […]

Pain Free For the first time since the early 90s

One of our patients, Geoffrey wanted to share his story with you. Geoffrey is a a renowned classical guitarist although he is far too humble to describe himself as such. He has been teaching and performing since the late 70s. He came as a patient to Cliffs looking for help as he suffered from Carpal […]

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Pupil posture … taking care of your back starts at school

Is school bad for your health? We all understand the importance of looking after our backs, especially as we get older, but should concern for our posture start even sooner…even at school age? Arif certainly thinks so, “Over the past four years I’ve been treating more and more cases of back, neck and shoulder pain […]