Meet Eddie Who’s Now A Happy Baby

eddie video stillRecently Eddie’s mum, Siobhan, brought him into Cliffs Chiropractic to visit Arif. Eddie was having trouble settling himself and feeding. Siobhan was also concerned that he was generally leaning to one side.

After his first treatment with Arif, on a Monday, Siobhan was amazed at the transformation.

On the Monday evening it only took Eddie 20 minutes to settle and go off to sleep. The next day Siobhan found she had a really happy baby. Eddie was happy to play on his mat by himself, giving out lots of smiles and generally seemed more content in himself.

Watch the video of Siobhan describing the transformation.

Top 5 Most Worn Women’s Clothing Items That Could Put Your Back & Neck At Risk

back care advice from cliffs chiropractor southendYou may have heard Arif on BBC Essex last week talking about the impact that women’s fashion choices are having on their backs and necks.

Worryingly one third of women are completely unaware their clothing choice could have an impact on their back and neck health.

New research* from the British Chiropractic Association (BCA) has found that three quarters (73%) of women have suffered with back pain with experts pointing to their wardrobe as a major cause of discomfort.

The findings revealed the Top 5** most worn clothing culprits that the BCA advise can cause back and neck pain were:

  1. Skinny jeans
  2. Oversized bags and those worn on one side of the body
  3. Coats with large fluffy hoods
  4. High heeled shoes
  5. Backless shoes, e.g. mules

These statistics mirror trends seen on the fashion week runways, where mules and heavy jewellery featured prominently this year and were seen on numerous celebrities, from Alexa Chung to Jennifer Aniston and Kendall Jenner. Twenty per cent of women responding in the research said they choose to wear shoes without back support, such as mules, which will promote strain on the legs and lower back. Similarly, 10% of women are sporting heavy jewellery, such as statement necklaces, which increase pressure on the neck and can wreak havoc with posture.

Whilst we are certainly not saying stop wearing your favourite clothes altogether, like most things in life, moderation is best and there are easy ways you can reduce the impact on your posture and overall health. For example, try and limit the number of times you wear skinny jeans or high heels every week so you’re giving your body a break, or try investing in a backpack for days when you have a lot to carry around.

Here are 5 tips to keep in the fashion while ensuring your back and neck stay safe:

  1. Vary what you wear on a daily basis in order to shift around the pressure that some articles of clothing place on your body.
  2. Wear more loose fitting clothing as tighter clothes restrict your body from moving freely.
  3. Think handbag! Declutter the heavy handbag to make it as light as possible. Heavy handbags are a common cause of back pain in women. Avoid bags that must be carried in the crook of your arm, as the weight of these held away from your body pulls one shoulder lower than the other, twisting your neck and spine. If your bag has one strap, alternate the shoulder you carry it on, or if it has a long strap, wear it across the body.
  4. Ditch the high heels whenever you can. Wearing high heels promotes tension in your spine so whenever you can wear flat soled shoes or a lower heel.
  5. Wear the right support. Ensure you are wearing the correct sized bra. It’s astonishing how many women are wearing the incorrect size which doesn’t provide adequate support leading to back pain.

Our chiropractors at Cliffs recommend that, if you are experiencing pain for more than a few days then you seek professional help, as an undiagnosed problem could lead to longer-term problems if left untreated. If you are in pain, you can call our friendly reception team and they will make an appointment for you to visit one of our team.


*The 2017 research was carried out between 14/02/2017 and 20/02/2017 on a sample of 2,082 UK adults aged 16 + on behalf of the British Chiropractic Association

**Most popular clothing choices among women which could cause neck and back pain:

Skinny jeans 48%
Bags worn on one side of the body 46%
Coats with large fluffy hoods 37%
High heeled shoes 26%
Oversized bags 24%
Backless shoes e.g. mules 20%


Our New Treatment Couches Have Arrived And Are In Action

IMG_1340The beginning of March saw the arrival of our new chiropractic treatment couches and our patients are already benefiting from their superior quality.

These Zenith treatment couches are from the USA and are regarded as the ultimate in chiropractic tables.

We only choose the best equipment here at Cliffs Chiropractic because our patients deserve the BEST.

It must have been quite a sight for people passing by the Clinic on the delivery day to see a line of chiropractic tables lined up on the pavement!

It was good that Melanie was on hand to help with the heavy lifting of the delivery as you’ll see in the photos of the day:)





Cliffs Awarded WhatClinic 2017 Patient Service Award

patient service award 2017Our team at Cliffs are proud recipients of the WhatClinic 2017 Patient Service Award.

In 2016 over 17 million people visited the comparison site to find and compare clinics. WhatClinic reviewed data covering patient review scores, feedback responses and clinic contact rates and Cliffs was only one of a small number of clinics that met the exacting standards needed to qualify for this award. Not only must the clinic have a consistently high ServiceScore™, the rating measures the clinic’s commitment to customer service over a whole year, and so represents long term commitment to dealing with patients. Less than 2% of clinics on the site qualified for the award this year.

Speaking about the award win, Arif said: “We are delighted to be recognised for our commitment to customer service for the second time in WhatClinic’s seven-year history. As a practice, we set great store by looking after every single one of our patients. Being welcoming, warm and mindful is our culture and to receive such positive feedback about it is a reward in itself.” CEO Caelen King congratulated Cliffs and said: “Our awards are now in their 7th year, and this year, for the first time – we have made the data that we use to calculate awards visible on our listings. Consumers can see which clinics have rated well with lots of other users, and clinics can evaluate their own performance against others in their market, ideally with the goal of getting better and better at serving their patients, which is ultimately good for everybody.

“We believe that by giving consumers as much information as possible that we can improve private healthcare services for everyone. With these awards, we honour clinics that are dedicated to the highest level of customer care and consistently putting the patient at the heart of what they do.”

Is “Wine o Clock” To Blame For Your Back Pain?

For many, “wine o clock” starts around 6pm on a weekday; just a tipple or two to relax after a hard day’s work.

But could the modern day phenomenon of drinking to mark the end of the working day be harmful to our back health?

Quite possibly, according to our Southend chiropractor.

Alcohol disrupts sleep and leads to a poorer night’s rest. And quality sleep is absolutely vital to maintaining back health and aiding the recovery of an injured or strained spine.  A glass or two of wine may make it easier to fall asleep, but it can certainly affect the amount of restorative sleep the body gets.

It’s no secret that the “wine o clock” culture comes with its health warnings, but maybe we should start thinking outside of the widely documented risks and consider the other parts of our bodies it can also affect.

Springtime Ideas To Supercharge Your Spine Health!

back care advice from our southend chiropractorSpring is here and that means out with the old and in with the new! With new life emerging all around us, there is no better time of year to sparkle your spine with health and vitality.

Here are some inspirational ideas from our Southend chiropractor to boost your spine health this season:

Make Exercise a Way of Life

The easiest and most effective way to exercise is to make it part of your lifestyle. Any good chiropractor will tell you that exercise and a healthy spine come hand in hand. Even if you’re currently in pain, regular exercise will almost certainly help in the rehabilitation of your injured spine.

A simple exercise program that focuses on stretching and strengthening the back, hamstrings, and abdominal muscles can significantly help in getting those vital nutrients into your spinal discs and soft tissues. This will help to speed up your healing process and keep your spine healthy.


Meditation can be a very effective way to fight chronic back pain. And the activity is extremely simple to carry out! All you need is a dark, quiet room and about 15 minutes of your time each day.

Start Walking

When it comes to maintaining a healthy spine, the benefits of walking are countless. Taking regular strolls will help to strengthen your core muscles that keep your body upright, nourish your spinal structures, improve your flexibility and strengthen your bone structure.

If you currently experience back pain, get clearance from your GP before starting any new walking activity.  Also, start out with several short walks each day rather than a single long walk. If your pain is severe, you may want to consider walking in a pool to reduce the amount of pressure on your spine.

Match Your Pillow To Your Position

The pillow you use to sleep on should support the natural curve of your neck. So if you sleep on your side you will probably need a thicker pillow to ensure your neck and head are positioned in the middle of your shoulders. Your height and the width of your shoulders will help determine the type of pillow you need.  To ensure that you are sleeping on the correct pillow for you, buy your sleeping items from a reputable bed store and ask for advice on what items are best suited for your size and sleeping position.

Take action now and the changes you make this spring could result in long lasting good health.

Don’t Dig Up a Back Problem This Spring!

Gardening is one of the joys of life for many, but it can also be a real workout!  But having back pain shouldn’t mean you need to bury away your green fingers! You can still enjoy your hobby by following these three simple tips from our Southend chiropractor…

1: Warm Up

You wouldn’t do a session at the gym without warming up first, so don’t hit your gardening plans without preparing your body! Warm up your muscles by taking a brisk, five-minute walk and doing some gentle stretching exercises.

2: Lift carefully

It’s all too easy to incorrectly lift heavy pots, bushes, and full watering cans while gardening. Before you go lugging heavy items around, take a moment to perfect your lifting technique.  Begin by squatting (and not bending at the waist). Then use both of your hands to hold the object, keeping it close to your body. Slowly straighten your legs as you lift.

3: Use Supporting Tools

Depending on your level of back pain, getting down on the ground (and back up!) can be a real struggle! Instead of fighting a losing battle with gravity, consider investing in a heavy-duty kneeler. Many of these include raised handles that will allow you to use your arm strength to help you up and down. You can also buy kneelers that convert into chairs.

Happy gardening!

Chiropractic Techniques Revealed!

Chiropractic treatment at cliffs chiropractor southend on seaEver wondered exactly how those chiropractic techniques help to alleviate your aches and pains? If you’ve received regular chiropractic treatment, you’ll probably know that each technique offers specific benefits. This may be to reduce pain, increase spinal mobility and improve overall range of motion.

But have thought about how chiropractic techniques help to make you feel so much better?

Here our Southend chiropractor lifts the lid on some of common techniques and how they work:

Spinal Manipulation

Spinal manipulation is the term used to describe the overall process of spinal adjustments. In simple terms, it involves ‘retraining’ the spine and the surrounding muscles to restore a healthier state of functionality.

Extremity Manipulation

This technique can be used to help joints outside of the spine. However it can also be beneficial to the spine itself, as the better the mobility of the external joints, the less stress there is on the spinal column.

Thompson Drop

The Thompson Drop is an adjustment technique that involves assessing the length of a patient’s legs and evaluating how this correlates to the pelvis and the spine. To perform this technique, a chiropractor will use a “drop table” and often carry out multiple thrusts.

A gentle thrust is applied to a joint which sets the drop piece into motion and targets the specific joint or tissue. Gentle on the joints and discs, this technique is an effective way to achieve a deep adjustment and is a great technique for performing a full manipulation of the spine.

The Gonstead Technique

Possibly the most recognised form of manipulation; this method is used to treat a variety of conditions. Typically used to address spinal misalignments and fixations, a chiropractor will apply varying levels of pressure to meet the individual needs of the patient.

The Activator

This common technique involves using a hand-held instrument to try to correct spinal misalignments. The method also involves assessing the legs and evaluating how this may affect the hips and the rest of the spine. Children and patients with chronic pain conditions tend to favour this extremely gentle technique.

So now you know the basics of some of the most widely used chiropractic techniques. You see, there’s a lot more to chiropractic care than just “snap, crackle and pop”!