Don’t Ignore Your Sports Aches And Pains

sports injuries treated by our southend chiropractorParticipating into sports can bring many rewards from health benefits to mental well-being, it can also have some downsides. Probably the biggest downside is suffering any aches and pains that may be picked up along the way. Whether you are playing a contact sport like rugby or a non contact sport like tennis there’s always a risk of an injury. Professional sport people and amateurs alike are prone to the same kinds of aches and pains.

It’s not uncommon, however, for people to ignore their sports aches and pains and hope that with time they will go away. In some cases this will happen, however, our chiropractors at Cliffs Chiropractic Clinic in Southend recommend that you seek advice and treatment sooner rather than later if you are suffering some sports aches and pains. Receiving the right treatment and rehabilitation advice is vital to ensure that your condition doesn’t worsen and get you back into action quicker and stronger, if possible.

Chiropractic is a profession that specialises in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of mechanical disorders of the musculo-skeletal system and its effects upon the spinal nerves. Our experienced chiropractors use their hands to adjust your spine and limbs where signs of restriction in movement occur, improving mobility, easing pain and inflammation and relieving any pressure on spinal nerves. This treatment or ‘adjustment’ therefore allows the joints to return to normal mobility then the body uses its own healing processes, which we recognise in it’s ability to heal cuts, bruises, broken bones and fight infections.

When you visit our clinic your chiropractor will carry out a full consultation and examination to determine the cause of your problem. You will then receive a Report of Findings which will outline a treatment plan for you.

While the Clinic is founded on providing Chiropractic treatment, we take a holistic approach to caring for your health, and offer a range of complementary therapies.

These include:

  • Medical Acupuncture
  • Remedial Massage
  • Sports Rehabilitation
  • Exercises Classes
  • Nutritional Advice

You also have access to free support and advice to help with supporting you in achieving and, as importantly, maintaining good health.

Don’t Ignore Your Sports Aches And Pains any longer please get in touch with us as we offer a lot of help and advice to get you back up and running as soon as possible. Contact us on 01702 430430 or email us at to get in touch.

Tennis Elbow Without The Tennis

Two weeks of wonderful tennis from Wimbledon has had our chiropractors at Cliffs Chiropractic Clinic in Southend thinking about Tennis Elbow or as it medically known Lateral Epicondylitis. Of course you don’t have to have played tennis to find yourself suffering from tennis elbow!

The condition typically develops following strenuous overuse of the muscles and tendons of the forearm. These are the same ones that are used extensively when playing tennis which is how it has come to be commonly referred to as tennis elbow.

Tennis elbow can be particularly painful with symptoms often including:

  • Pain on the outside of your upper forearm, just below the bend of your elbow
  • Pain when lifting or bending your arm
  • Pain when gripping small objects, such as a pencil
  • Pain when twisting your forearm, such as turning a door handle or opening a jar
  • Difficulty in extending your forearm

It is not uncommon for tennis elbow to clear up after a few days, however, should you find your symptoms persist for longer then our chiropractors recommend that you seek medical advice.

Our experienced chiropractors at Cliff Chiropractic are trained to diagnose, treat, manage and prevent disorders of the musculoskeletal system (bones, joints, and muscles), as well as the effects these disorders can have on the nervous system and general health. They treat a range of conditions including elbow pain or tennis elbow from back and neck problems.

If you are suffering elbow pain or tennis elbow why not give us  call on 01702 430430 to book an appointment with one of our chiropractors who can help treat and advise you.


Summer Travelling Can Take Its Toll On Your Back

In our recent post Are you up up and away this summer? our chiropractors at Cliff Chiropractic Clinic in Southend shared advice to help keep your back safe if you are flying to your holiday destination this summer. However, for many, reaching their destination may mean driving, taking the train or hopping on a bus.

Regardless of the means of transport, our chiropractors want you to travel safe and keep your back in tip top condition. Here are our chiropractors top tips for back safe travel this summer:

Keep moving: Keeping your body loose and avoiding stiffness is imperative. If you are confined into a tight space or even sitting in your car in traffic there are simple exercises you can do such as shoulder shrugs, and buttock clenches which will help keep you moving. Avoid sitting for long periods in one position by moving around. If you are in the car, stop at regular intervals, this is not only good for your body it is important for your safety. The last thing you want is to fall asleep at the wheel! When you reach your destination get moving as quickly as possible.

Stay hydrated: Keeping you body hydrated is important for your overall health and the health of your spine. Drink plenty of water.

Watch your back lifting and carrying: Holidays inevitably mean luggage! Usually heavy luggage which sometimes can be awkward or stored in awkward places. Always be mindful of your back when lifting and carrying your luggage. Lift with a straight back, your legs at hip  distance apart and bend at the knees. Avoid twisting your body when lifting. Reverse the process when putting the luggage down.

If you are driving to your holiday destination then you may want to remind yourself of how to adjust your driving position to protect your back by watching a video that Arif, one of our experienced chiropractors at Cliffs has made.


Breath Happy Hay Fever Sufferers

hay fever advice from our southend chiropractorHay fever season is in full swing for the many sufferers with itchy eyes, runny noses, fatigue to name the main symptoms. These symptoms are the result of an allergic inflammatory response, a zealous defence mechanism.

QUERCETIN is a popular supplement found in many fruits and vegetables with apples and onions the best examples for a UK diet.

It appears that quercetin exerts part of its anti-inflammatory effect through inhibiting the production of inflammatory producing enzymes, which are involved in the regulation of inflammatory mediators- leukotrienes and prostoglandis.

The good news for hay fever sufferers is that we stock and recommend Quercetin from a plant source at Cliffs Chiropractic Clinic. The product we stock provides 500mg of pure Quercetin!

A 60 day supply of this all natural product with the added benefit of not causing any drowsiness either costs £19.50.

All you need to do is ask at reception for the product and one of our team will be able to help you.

Breath happy hay fever sufferers!

How Baby Hugs & Sounds Can Help Expectant Mums Face Birth

advice for expectant mums from our paediatric chiropractor at Cliffs Chiropractic ClinicAs one of the UK’s first chiropractors to qualify as a Certified Chiropractic Paediatric Practitioner, Arif has extensive experience of helping expectant mums.

Arif has recorded a short video explaining two concepts that he hopes will help expectant mums who are going to go through labour – baby hugs and sounds.

You can also read a transcript of the video below it.


Baby Hugs …

If you think about it when we really cherish something and we are going to say goodbye what we often tend to do is to give it an embrace – a hug, to show how much we care, to show our compassion, our love and then, after the hug, we release and say goodbye.

Your body has for nine months been growing, nurturing and giving life to this embryo and now it’s about to send your baby into the outside world.

The uterus literally is a muscle. It will hug the baby from the top down, caressing it with contractions to bring it into the world.

Try and regard those contractions as baby hugs.

Literally your body for the final time hugging, loving and saying goodbye to your baby and helping it gently but firmly into the outside world.

The hormones you release during the birthing process are the same ones that you released when you were conceiving the child. If you think about that it’s a compassionate and passionate thing. During the birth you are passionately holding, hugging, loving that baby and releasing it to the world.

Sound …

When you’re giving birth, initially when the baby is high up in the birth canal, the sounds that you make, the breathing sounds and the groaning sounds, will be quite high pitched. As the baby resonates and passes through the birth canal theses sounds will tend to be deeper.

That vibration literally helps the baby pass through the birth canal into the world.

I hope those few concepts will help you as your go through those contractions.

Have a great birth.

Perfect Posture This Summer

posture advice from our southend chiropractorArif often gets asked by patients how they can improve their posture. He has made a short video, ably assisted by Susan, to demonstrate a very simple exercise you can do at work, at home or anywhere you like which will help you straighten up and improve your posture. Do this exercise 3 times a day and you’ll soon be on the way to a straighter taller you.

The Exercise

If you have a therapy band then use this to do this exercise or you can use an old pair of tights. However, don’t worry if you have neither, you can do it with just your arms, making sure you clench and squeeze the muscles between your shoulder blades whilst staying upright.

When doing the is exercise stand with your feet slightly wider than your hips apart – thinking of the shape of the Eiffel Tower will help.

Pull your chin into your Adams apple while still looking straight ahead.

Bend both elbows to 90 degrees. Keep your elbows tucked into your sides and gentle try and stretch your hands outwards to 90 degrees as far as you can and bring your hands slowly inwards.

Repeat about 5 times.

This exercise will help to strengthen your upper back and by keeping your chin into your chest it will strengthen the deep flexors in your neck.

If you want a straighter taller you then do this exercise 3 times a day and let us know how you get on.

Arif’s Intro


Watch Susan demonstrate the exercise


Are You Up Up And Away This Summer?

back care advice from our southend chiropractorIt’s summer time and while the weather here in the UK is sensational at the moment, many people will be hopping on an airplane for their summer breaks searching for what is usually elusive sunshine!

Taking a break can be a very good thing and our chiropractors recommend it, however, it can lead to us doing things we wouldn’t normally do, which can increase the risk of injury. Picking up heavy luggage, twisting the back pushing a luggage trolley and sitting awkwardly in a confined space for long periods are just some examples of things we wouldn’t do on a daily basis which can all lead to back pain.

Our chiropractors at Cliffs Chiropractic Clinic in Southend want your summer holidays to be a time to relax, enjoy and have fun and not be ruined by a bad back. With this in mind they have put together some simple things you can do to protect your back when flying and it all starts with some preparation:

Prepare wisely:

  • Use lightweight cases, preferably with wheels, to minimise the weight you have to carry. It’s best to choose a case with wheels that allow you to push the case in front of you than having to twist your body to pull it.
  • Depending on your airlines rules, it is best to use two lighter evenly balanced cases than one heavy one.
  • Pack as lightly as possible. Most of us are guilty of packing way to many clothes and accessories for our time away.
  • Make your luggage stand out from the crowd so that you don’t have to lift too much luggage off the carousel mistakenly! A simple way to do this is to tie coloured ribbon to the handle.
  • Get a good night’s sleep before heading off to the airport. Tiredness can lead to mishaps!

At the airport:

  • Avoid using a luggage trolley if possible, especially if your luggage has wheels. Trolleys so often have  a life of their own and can result in a lot of effort and body contortions to keep then going in the direction you want.

On the plane:

  • Take care lifting and removing any luggage into and out of the overhead containers.
  • Avoid stiffness during the flight by doing some simple exercises in your seat. Shoulder shrugs, foot circles and buttock clenches are good exercises to do.
  • If it is convenient then stand up and take a walk around the plane.
  • Stay hydrated. Flying is dehydrating on the body so drink plenty of water or juices. Avoid drinking alcohol as this will add to the dehydration.

After the flight:

  • Get walking as soon as possible after you get off your flight. This will help get your joints moving. Avoid using travelators or walking along the travelators.
  • Take care lifting your luggage off the carousel.
  • Don’t forget to avoid using a luggage trolley if possible.

As much as we love to see our patients we really do want to help you avoid back pain and a trip to the clinic. Follow these simple steps to help avoid back pain if you’re flying this summer and do have a safe and enjoyable holiday.