Carly Parkes – Chiropractic Assistant








What Carly Loves About Being A Member Of The Cliffs Chiropractic Team?

“I love working with a team of people that feel like family. I love to help and care for our patients.”


Character Traits

Happy, bubbly, fun loving, caring


What Carly’s Famous For In The Clinic

Pink and sparkles, always smiling


Interesting Or Fun Facts About Carly

  1. Always wanted to be an actress or on the stage!
  2. Always a football mum at the weekends!
  3. Survived open heart surgery in 2015
  4. Always first up dancing on a night out!
  5. Love to care for people and help them out


Carly’s Major Achievement

My two boys.


Favourite Health Quote

“You can’t put a price on your health. Life is precious.”