Walk More. Live Longer.

Walking is one of the best forms of exercise we can all take and is one of the easiest and most effective ways to keep your spine healthy

It is simple, doesn’t require any special equipment, all the family can join in and it’s free. It’s also a great way to get out and about and visit the local area.

There are so many great places to walk around Southend and the surrounding areas such as Leigh on Sea and Hadleigh.

As a chiropractor near Leigh on Sea a popular walk that you can take starts and ends in Hadleigh and takes in Leigh and Sea.  It covers about 6 miles. Starting at Chapel Lane car park and finishing at Hadleigh Castle Country Park (with plenty of stops for refreshments in between), this wonderful walk offers generous views across the scenic Thames estuary and Canvey Island. With Canary Walk to the west and the beautiful Kent countryside to the South, you can expect to sink into the historical ambience along your way, and catch some amazing views of the local wildlife! Here is a link to find out more about this walk.

Make the most of the incredible area you live in – put one foot in front of the other and take the first steps towards a longer and healthier life!

Leigh-on-Sea named as the happiest place in Britain to live

back care advice from our chiropractor near leigh on seaLeigh-on-Sea scooped top position in a study undertaken by property website Rightmove to find the happiest places to live in the UK. Leigh-on-Sea scored highly on a number of features, in particular, community spirit and a strong sense of belonging.

Every day at Cliffs we are grateful for our happy patients who come from the surrounding areas including Leigh-on-Sea. We can’t thank you all enough for all the wonderful feedback you give us all at Cliffs.

Here are just a few of the 5 star reviews our patients have added to Google:

“Since coming to The Cliffs Chiropractic Clinic I have movement within my neck and lower back that for years only resulted in pain. Arif found the source of my problems and came up with a treatment plan to resolve my problems and monthly appointments to maintain my spines full potential.

I also had adjustments throughout my pregnancy. I was worried that my lower back would suffer in pregnancy with the previous issues I had but Arif was very informative and reassuring with the recommended treatment he gave; I feel that these adjustments made my pregnancy as comfortable as it could be. Afri checked my daughter after she was born and administered cranial treatment over a number of weeks, they seems painless and she was always content after having treatment.
All of the staff at the Clinic are warm and welcoming and go above and beyond to ensure I experience first class treatment on every visit.” Emma Setter

“I have attended the Cliffs Chiropractic Clinic for over 11 years now. They have been fantastic in improving and maintaining my health. This has become my first stop for any physical injuries before any doctors, as I know the issue will be treated rather than just masked with drugs. The staff are very friendly and make you feel like your get a personalised service every time.

As someone that likes to be active, though is not on the best ‘shape’ for it, I have received support, advice and encouragement from my chiropractor. He has been crucial in maintaining the lifestyle that I want to lead.I cannot recommend the Cliffs Chiropractic Clinic enough – they have been my lifesavers, and over the years have become friends as well.” Nicole Cox

Suffering from a compressed disc in my lower back for a number of years my mobility was gradually getting worse. I was unable to get out of a chair easily and stand up straight, unable to run about with the kids in case I jarred it and made it worse. I had also given up my hobby of cycling as I became locked in a set position and putting any pressure of the pedals was agony. The hospital physiotherapist had given me exercises but explained that my back might always be in this condition and the lack of mobility I may have to accept as being ‘the new normal for me’ At the age of 45 I refused to accept that this was the case and made an appointment at the Cliffs Chiropractic Clinic to see Paz. What a difference! A warm welcome from the receptionists, videos explaining the treatment, a full assessment detailing all my back issues, x-rays and a full care plan followed, all explained in detail. I’m now nearing the end of my intensive treatment. I have my mobility back, have cycled 50 miles and more importantly can join in the fun with the kids. The treatment has made a huge improvement to my quality of life, Not being in constant pain not only makes a difference to me but my family as well. I can’t thank Paz enough and would recommend that anyone who is in doubt about booking an appointment – just do it! You won’t regret it.” Cheryl Perry

“I’ve attended Cliffs Chiropractic Clinic for a number of years now for maintenance treatment for my scoliosis. To me, my chiropractic treatment is as necessary as cleaning my teeth! Regular check ups and rebalancing mean that my spine functions at the top of its level, leaving me pain free, flexible and without restrictions. The treatment sessions with Paz are always an education, and his professional knowledge and explanations have given me a great sense of body awareness and confidence that the treatment plan we are following is achieving the best possible outcome for my health. Thank you so much to Paz and the whole team at Cliffs Chiropractic Clinic.” Katharine Washbrook

“After years of lower back pain I decided something needed doing and on recommendation attended The Cliffs Chiropractic Clinic and what a blessing it has been. A Consultation to see what I thought my problem was followed by X-Rays and assessment to advise of the problem and a treatment plan.The plan has been very intense, 3 times a week to start,with 10 minutes sessions where I stand on this special bed that is then placed in a laying position and then Paz begins, you are told all the time what is being done and the benefits the procedure will make, it does not hurt and relief was almost instant for me. The bed seems to take the impact but you can sometimes feel movement of the bones but this is not unpleasant. I had problems with my neck and this is manipulated at the same session, often a loud noise like a crack can be heard and this is only because noise travels through the bones of the head and the close proximity of the ear. It does not hurt.

After 3 months I am able to continue with normal everyday tasks without the constant nag of pain especially being able to go for a walk knowing I will be able to complete that walk in comfort. When I get a twinge I know to take things easy.
A friendly and professional welcome is given to all clients.
Would recommend The Cliffs Chiropractic Clinic 100%.” Barbara Heron

You can read more of the wonderful feedback our happy patients have left us here.



Your Spine Through Your Lifetime

back care advice from our chiropractor leigh on seaEver wondered why back pain sometimes occurs in later life? Understanding the normal aging process of the spine is fundamental to keeping it strong and healthy. For many people, discovering how much the spine goes through during our lifespan can create a new found respect for just how precious it is!

Here our Southend chiropractor highlights the typical ways in which our spines change as we age:

As we age our bones tend to become less dense, making them weaker and more susceptible to breaks. This reduction in bone density is partly due to the fact that older bones contain less calcium (The amount of calcium decreases because the body absorbs less calcium from foods). Another factor is that vitamin D levels – which facilitate the way the body uses calcium – also slightly decreases. Typically, certain bones become weaker than others with the most affected being the spine, the ends of the thigh bones and the ends of the arm bones.

In women, loss of bone density can often speed up following the menopause. This is due to a reduction in the amount of estrogen being produced, which helps to prevent too much bone from being broken down during the body’s normal process of forming, breaking down, and re-forming bone.

Ever wondered why people get shorter as they get older? As we age, the spine’s vertebrae become less dense and the cushions of tissue (discs) between them lose fluid and become thinner, making the spine shorter.

Cartilage that lines the joints also tends to thin, usually because of the wear and tear of years of movement. In older people, the surfaces of a joint may not slide over each other as well as they used to, and the joint may be slightly more prone to injury. Damage to the cartilage as a result of lifelong use of joints or repeated injury can lead to osteoarthritis, (one of the most common disorders of later life).

Ligaments change too, usually becoming less elastic which can make joints feel stiff or tight. These tissues also tend to weaken as we age, hence why older people are often less flexible than younger generations.

The more you do to look after your spine in your younger years, the better able it will be to cope with the normal aging process.

At Cliffs, our chiropractors help people of all ages maintain a healthy spine. Our patients come to our award winning clinic from Southend and surrounding local areas including Leigh on Sea, Rayleigh, Hockley, Canvey Island and Hadleigh.


Summer Walks in Leigh on Sea for a Healthy Spine

back care advice from our chiropractor near leigh on seaThere are few things more enjoyable than a peaceful summer’s walk. Breathing in the tranquil fresh air and soaking up the vibrant blooming scenery with not so much as a single distraction is good for both the body and mind – especially if you suffer from back pain.

According to our chiropractor near Leigh on Sea, regular walking can reduce the likelihood or severity of additional episodes of back pain and can even enhance your ability to continue undertaking everyday activities.

Here are three ways that walking can help your back pain:

1: It can strengthen the muscles in your feet, legs, hips, and torso

Walking helps to condition the muscles that keep your body in the upright position, which will in turn increase the stability of your spine.

2: It can nourish your spinal structures

Walking encourages strong circulation which facilitates the delivery of essential nutrients to soft tissues.

3: It can help with flexibility and posture

Regular walking promotes a greater range of motion which helps to prevent the risk of future injuries.

Leigh on Sea offers some fantastic scenic walking paths that are suitable for beginners and more advanced walkers.

The Leigh on Sea rail station walk is a firm favourite amongst our patients and is suitable for those of you suffering from back pain. The scenic walk takes place along the coastal path between Leigh on Sea rail station and Benfleet station in Essex and provides a variety of stunning views on clear summer days. The path is completely flat with plenty of charming pubs, as well as the cockle sheds and a beach in pretty cobblestoned old fishing village on route.

For more advanced walkers, the Leigh on Sea castle walk provides wonderful views along the Thames and across to Canvey Island. This path involves a little road walking and some parts can be muddy or wet after heavy rain.

Who would have known that a simple summer stroll could bring so many health benefits to your spine? Start putting one foot in front of the other and you never know, you really could be “walking on sunshine” this summer!

Will You Be Stuck To the Sofa This Summer?

back care advice from chiropractor leigh on seaAhh, summer is such a wonderful season; long lazy days, relaxing weekends… it’s all about sand, sea and… sports!

If you’re a sporting fan then the perfect summer’s day probably involves you relaxing in front of the tele watching your favourite players battle it out against the rival competition. While the country goes “beach and barbeque crazy”, you’re more likely to be found fixated with the small screen schedule.

But while your sporting heroes may come out on top this summer, becoming a “seasonal couch potato” could mean your spine health may take a few knocks and blows.

Sitting incorrectly puts almost twice as much pressure on the back than when standing. Arif, one of our experienced team of chiropractors at our clinic near Leigh on Sea, warns that sitting for long periods of time could cause or worsen back pain. With 35% of people experiencing back pain after sitting for extended periods*, this common trigger is a real concern.

But it’s not all doom and gloom! By following our simple advice, you can enjoy watching all your favourite sports this summer without putting strain on your back:

1: Make sure that you change position every 20 minutes. It will significantly help your spine so stand up and move around regularly.

2: Use any mid-game breaks to do some light exercise. Instead of flicking through the TV channels during the 15 minute interval, get those back muscles moving by taking a walk round the block or even around the garden.

3: Avoid slouching and be mindful of your posture. If you’re sitting on a sofa, make sure you sit right back so that your spine rests against the back of the seat.

4:   Dehydration can contribute to muscle inflammation which is a major cause of back pain – so drink as much water as possible. If you’re partial to a beer (or three!) when you’re watching sports, drink plenty of water in between.

Small changes can make a big difference to your back health. It’s really worth following this advice – good health is the best goal you’ll ever score!


Common Mistakes to Avoid With Back Pain

back pain treated at cliffs near leigh on seaIf you’re suffering from chronic or acute back pain, you’ve probably tried various things to alleviate your discomfort. But are you causing more harm than good?

Common mistakes that many back pain sufferers make include:

Mistake No.1: Assuming Your Back Pain Will Go Away On Its Own

While it’s true that some types of back pain can naturally go away, don’t assume that yours is one of them. Too many patients that visit our chiropractic clinic near Leigh on Sea have been suffering in silence for too long. It’s critical that you receive the correct diagnosis and treatment plan as early on in your condition as possible. After all, why suffer unnecessarily?

Mistake No. 2: Becoming Too Reliant On Your GP

If you’ve been making frequent visits to your GP regarding your back pain and your symptoms haven’t improved then your case should be referred to a specialist health care provider. Typically, General Practitioners don’t have in-depth training in spine medicine, so for most patients it is not possible to receive an accurate diagnosis by visiting their GP only. Chiropractors have five years full-time training in neuro-musculoskeletal disorders as well as general diagnosis. So if they can’t diagnose your problem they will refer you to a specialist who can undertake all the appropriate tests. Make sure that you are completely honest about your symptoms (many people underplay their pain to a GP) and be persistent in seeking the help you need.

Mistake No 3: Focusing On Your MRI Results

Remember that MRI scans show pictures; they do not show pain. In other words, it is possible to receive a “normal” scan result and still be in severe pain. If this is the case, your physician should be able to combine your results with a full work-up to come to an accurate diagnosis. For chronic back pain sufferers, a “normal” MRI can be extremely frustrating, but keep working with your health care professional until you receive the correct diagnosis and treatment plan.

Mistake No. 4: Becoming Inactive

Of course, if you are in severe pain, then a few days of professionally-recommended rest can be helpful. Consistent inactivity overtime, however, will probably lead to even more pain. You can speed up your recovery and reduce the risk of future pain by keeping your back and its supporting structures strong and flexible. Ask your healthcare professional for advice on what exercises are right for your specific condition and work together to put a realistic plan in place.

For more advice or to book an appointment with our award winning team of chiropractors, contact Cliffs Chiropractor near Leigh on Sea on 01702 430430.

Walk Your Way Health this Year suggests a Leading Chiropractor near Leigh on Sea

exercise advice from cliffs chiropractor near leigh on seaAs a an award winning Chiropractic Clinic near Leigh on Sea, we actively encourage our patients to reap the health benefits of walking in this beautiful area. One of the routes we personally recommend exploring is the Thames Estuary Path which runs through the amazing South Essex Marshes, from Tilbury Town to Leigh on Sea. This flat, low-lying landscape which is dominated by creeks, marshes and mudflats makes for a fascinating stroll for all the family to enjoy. The view of the landscape is simply beautiful; abundant with biodiversity and history with lots of interesting attractions along the way.

Don’t worry; no one expects you to walk the full 29 mile journey (unless you want to)! If long distance walking isn’t for you but you still want to experience a fascinating and enjoyable walk, you can stroll along the five smaller routes which start and end at local train stations.

The Thames Estuary Path is easily accessible by train and connects six local train stations. (This happens to be on one of the most appealing railway lines in the country (London Fenchurch to Shoeburyness line)).

Cliffs Chiropractic Clinic near Leigh on Sea shares the following four reasons why walking is the “must do” exercise of 2016:

1. Walking is Good For Your Heart

Walking regularly can lower your cholesterol and reduce your risk of heart disease. According to The Stroke Association, just 30 minutes of brisk walking every day can help to reduce the risk of stroke by up to 27 percent.*

2. Walking Keeps the Weight Off

You’ll soon shed those extra Christmas pounds if you start walking for just 30 minutes a day.

3. You’ll Get a Boost of Vitamin D

We Brits are prone to being vitamin D deficient and enjoying a stroll in the outdoors is the perfect way to get that well-needed vitamin D fix. Just make sure some skin is exposed – rolling up your sleeves for example.

4. It’s a Natural Energiser

Walking boosts circulation and enhances oxygen supply to every cell in your body. Knowing that, it’s hardly surprising that people who walk for just 30 minutes a day feel more energised and alert! Why not go for a stroll on your lunch break? You’re likely to be much more focused on your work in the afternoon (and you’ll be doing your health a whole load of favours!)

Our team of chiropractors wish you a happy and healthy 2016!

To book an appointment with our dedicated team of chiropractors, contact Cliffs Chiropractor near Leigh on Sea on 01702 430430.

* www.stroke.org.uk

New Year Healthy Eating Plan? Visit this Farmers Market in Leigh on Sea, Recommends Our Trusted Chiropractor

The New Year is upon us and most of us are setting our attention on healthy eating after the overindulgence that comes with Christmas. As a health-focused chiropractor near Leigh on Sea, we actively promote purchasing fresh products from local suppliers. And we think the Leigh Farmers’ Market, based at Leigh Community Centre, has some of the best locally sourced products around.

Intimate, friendly and supplying a wonderfully diverse range of healthy food, the Leigh on Sea Farmers’ Market has something for everyone. From quality assured seasonal vegetables to taste bud-teasing sauces, you are certain to find a delicious healthy option to suit the whole family’s taste (there are even healthy dog treats on offer!).

Just think how much energy is used and how much time is taken journeying supermarket food compared to local products purchased from the Leigh on Sea Farmers’ Market.

For more information on the market’s opening times, contact 01702 716288 or email: council@leighonseatowncouncil.gov.uk

To book an appointment with our dedicated team of chiropractors, contact Cliffs Chiropractor near Leigh on Sea on 01702 430430.

Walking – the most underrated form of exercise. Cliffs Chiropractor Southend recommends getting out this summer

Walking is one of the most underrated forms of exercise and now that Summer is nearly upon us there is no excuse to get out there and experience some great areas for walking around the local area. We share a Cliff’s favourite below.

PS Have you got your own secret walking route you would like to share with our readers? Email us on info@cliffschiro.co.uk

If you are struggling to fit in exercise into your busy life or worried about going to the gym the great news is that walking is an ideal form of exercise regardless of your age or fitness level. It’s simple and free – what could be better!

Just keep in mind the following …

Before you start:

  • Wear comfortable shoes or trainers and loose-fitting clothes
  • For longer walks you may want to carry some water and some other emergency supplies like healthy snacks, a hat, sunscreen and waterproofs (for the UK weather)
  • If you have any known medical conditions or are unsure whether you should be walking please seek medical advice before starting

Starting out:

  • Build up your walking time so start out slowly.
  • You need to be walking fast enough to raise your heart rate and break into a sweat to get the health benefits from walking. A little test to see if your walking with enough intensity is to try talking the words of your favourite song – you should be able to do this but not be able to sing them!
  • Don’t overdo it – if you can only walk at this intenisty for a few minutes then break up your activity into chunks.

Keep at it:

  • Overtime you should be able to increase the time you are walking at the necessary intensity.
  • The easiest way to keep at it is to make it part of your daily habit.
  • Think of other ways to incoporate walking into your daily life. You’ll probably be surprised at how many there are.

And now a local walk idea for you …

Leigh-on-sea and Hadleigh Castle Walk

This is a great circular walk that takes in many of the local sights around Leigh-on-Sea, Benfleet and Hadleigh you can also stop off at a local hostelry for some light refreshment along the way! Just don’t take in too many calories and sit for too long – after all this is about getting some exercise in!

The route takes in the ruins of Hadleigh Castle a walk along along Benfleet Downs. You will get some great views from both. The circular walk is 11.5 kilometers so if you haven’t exercised for a while you may want to start by planning doing a shorter route.

You can far more details about the walk on the Essex Pub Walks website. It will provide you with the starting grid reference for the Leigh-on-Sea railway station and there’s a map to follow.


Get active this winter. Take advantage of walks in our local area says a leading chiropractor near Leigh-on-Sea

Walking is a well-known way to keep fit and healthy. Many people join the gym to keep fit but getting outdoors in the fresh air is even better for you.

Walking is one of the easiest ways of staying active and it is also free. No gym membership required.

Here near Leigh-on-Sea- we are extremely luck to have so many lovely places to go for walks and enjoy nature.

A fantastic walk that we can highly recommend is Leigh-on-Sea and Hadleigh Castle Walk. This is a circular walk, which includes a lovely climb to see the ruins of Hadleigh Castle. There are also fantastic views of the Thames and across to Canvey Island. There are also quite a few pubs along the way, perfect for refreshing and even a spot of lunch.

Click the link below for more information:


 Get your walking boots on and enjoy the fresh air.

If you are suffering from pain or if you have any other concerns please get in touch with us as we offer a lot of help and advice to get you back up and running as soon as possible. You can contact us at Cliffs Chiropractic near Leigh-on-Sea on 01702 430430.