17 Year Old Ambassadors To Spread The Word For Healthier Living

healthy livig advice from our southend chiropractor‘Stand up straight’, ‘take exercise’, ‘eat healthy non-processed food’ are a big turn off, but ‘looking good’ can be a far more persuasive argument these days.

When Arif launched the Back Story campaign – using some strange, but very important exercises, like the ‘chin tuck’ (that’s it in this picture!) in May, he was delighted to be able to do this to Year 12s at St Thomas More High School. Earlier this month, Arif was back again hosting a round table discussion with a group of 17 year olds who came up with their own idea of how best to spread the word for healthier living.

The aim of the round table discussion was to work out how we can communicate the healthier living message to young people more effectively. The group of 17 year olds included Brogan, Conor, Eloise, George, Oscar and Samantha and after a lively debate on why good posture, diet, exercise and fresh air is important, Conor had the great idea of creating ambassadors to give the Back Story more relevance.

So, as he’s been volunteered, Samantha agreed too. Once they’ve been to the Cliffs Chiropractic Clinic in Southend and seen first-hand how chiropractic can prevent or improve conditions, they’ll turn this into a presentation that they’ll be making to their peers at school.

We’ll report back after the first presentation. There will also be accompanying videos too, so watch this space!

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