Chiropractic Following Neck Surgery

chiropractic after neck surgery at cliff chiropractor southendIt is not unusual for some people to be nervous of visiting a chiropractor for the first time. Recently, Arif has started treating one such lady. She took some persuasion to come and see him with problems that she had been suffering with in her neck and head for many years.

Arif wants to show you one of the reasons why she was nervous about coming to see him. You’ll understand why when you see her X-rays.

Watch the Video Below.

In the video, Arif explains the X-rays that were taken of the patient. As you’ll see, the patient has had neck surgery and Arif explains the consequence the surgery has had on her.

Barbara shares how she has suffered horrendous headaches permanently along with back pains for about 33 years. The neck surgery that she underwent did help in the beginning, but the pains got worse and worse again over time.

After visiting Arif, she learnt that her neck was worse than she was originally told and that her condition was worse than she ever thought. However, Arif explained to her that he may be able to do something to help her.

The good news is that a week after her first visit with Arif, she has had 3 days of no headaches, which is very unusual as she was suffering almost continuous headaches.

When asked how this makes her feel, her words are simple – “It makes me feel good”.

She is very excited about her next stage of her treatment and we look forward to helping her on her journey.