Increased Hours Now Available For Massage At Cliffs

massage at cliffs chiropractor southendEmma has been with us for 5 months and has been embraced by both the team and patients alike. Focused on providing a deeply effective massage combined with an intuitive feel, Emma was running out of appointments. However, we are delighted to now offer increased hour for massage, with availability on Tuesdays 8am – 4pm, Thursdays 12pm – 4pm and Fridays 2pm – 7pm.

Many patients find the combined effects of chiropractic and massage to be the perfect complement for sustained benefits.

It is worth remembering massage can reach beyond simple muscular tension relief as Emma demonstrates with Sharon’s case study …

Massage is most well-known for complementing chiropractic care by releasing tight muscles, which may cause symptoms such as aches and pains. The techniques used stimulate blood circulation in the muscles, which helps to remove the build-up of waste substances and promotes tissue repair. Treatment isn’t only beneficial for patients with specific areas of muscle tension. It can also aid in relaxation to help reduce stress, anxiety and to promote general well-being.

massage client at cliffs chiroractic southendSharon Wimbledon has been a patient at the clinic for over 20 years. She suffers with fibromyalgia and ME which affect her by causing increased sensitivity to pain, stress and also extreme fatigue.

Recently, Sharon started massage therapy with Emma as part of her care plan and has discovered the advantages it brings.

Prior to treatment Sharon could feel extremely stiff and experience multiple areas of discomfort. After treatment Sharon feels lighter with has less pain but most significant is the mood elevating effect. With treatment helping to improve her quality of life. Sharon now looks forward to her regular appointments.