It’s International Walk To School Month

Every October the International Walk to School Month campaign encourages children to join hundreds of thousands of pupils across the globe to walk to school. This year the focus of the campaign is to look at ways to make the walk to school safer and easier.

The campaign website is full of information including information on how you can get involved whether you’re a parent, a school or policy maker. Here is the link to the website

Living Streets who organise the campaign in the UK released research by YouGov2018 for the start of International Walk to School month listing the top 10 most annoying thing about the school run. The top 3 include:

  1. Too many cars at the school gates (54%)
  2. Cars parking on the pavements (50%)
  3. Too much traffic on the road (45%)

As a parent (or even someone who lives by a school) you may find one of these to be your biggest annoyance too.

As chiropractors we’re keen to encourage adults and children to be more active and a walk to school is an opportunity to get in a few more steps every day.

So why not make this October your walk to school month.


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