Let’s Squeeze, Sway and Cuppa

A healthy back will support you every day but, if you sit or stand for hours at a time, the chances are your back needs support from you. If you do nothing else, do these three things …

If you spend hours working at your desk all day, you may very well be complaining of a stiff neck, aching shoulders or a bad back. If any of this sounds familiar, please take a look at these three simple exercises. They’re really easy to do, especially in the confines of an office. If you can make this part of your daily routine, you’ll be alleviating all those symptoms associated with lack of movement while improving your overall sense of wellbeing at the same time.

The Squeeze

The Sway

The Cuppa

You can find three more exercises you can add to your routine on our Back to Business page.

So there’s no time like the present – let’s Squeeze, Sway and Cuppa our way to better back health:)