Lounging on the Beach This Summer? Watch Your Back and Neck

If you’re planning a trip abroad this summer (or even if the British weather holds out), you’ll probably be looking forward to long, lazy days of rest and relaxation. But according to our Southend chiropractor, lying in the sun for hours on end can be harmful to your neck and back (and we’re not just talking about sunburn!).

Lying on your stomach – which is a favourite sunbathing position – flattens the natural curve in the lower back. You’re also more likely to turn your head to one side when you lie in this position, which can distort the alignment of the vertebrae in your cervical spine. That’s without the compression of your heart, lungs and nerves (ever wondered why you sometimes experience “pins and needles” when you’re in a certain position?)!

Our chiropractor in Southend recommends that you avoid lying on your stomach for long periods of time – especially if you currently suffer or have previously suffered from back or neck pain.