Mind Your Posture This Christmas!

good postureChristmas is coming and for many of us, this brings the perfect opportunity to spend hours slouched on the sofa. But the importance of maintaining good posture doesn’t go away just because it’s Christmastime.

Here our Southend chiropractor reminds us of some key health benefits of maintaining good posture.

Facilitates breathing: Good posture will naturally enable you to breathe properly. This is why yoga, pilates and meditation exercises pay so much attention on getting your posture and sitting positions right.

Increases concentration and thinking ability: When you are breathing properly, you also increase your thinking ability. Your brain requires 20% of oxygen to do its job properly. And of course, more air means more oxygen.

Improve your image: People with good postures look smarter, more confident and more attractive. A person with a good posture naturally exudes an aura of assertiveness and appeal.

Feel even better about yourself: Even without doing anything different, a good posture will help to make you feel more self confident. You can try it out now. Try sitting in a bad posture now for 30 seconds then switch to a good posture for 30 seconds. Is there any difference in how you felt? Probably a lot!

Avoid health complications: Long term bad posture can result in several complications over time. This can include an increased risks of a slipped disc, back aches, back pain, pressure inside your chest and even poor blood circulation.

A good posture means maintaining the two natural curves at your back – the concave curve from the base of your head to your shoulders and the concave curve from your upper back to the base of your spine.

Start focusing on improving your posture today and it will soon come naturally to you.  Before you know it, standing and sitting in the correct position will be something you do without even putting any thought into. When it comes to maintaining a healthy spine, good posture is up there with one of the best things you can do. It really is that important.


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