Do you have an angry, crying baby? Craniopathy for babies at Cliffs Chiropractor Southend could help you

Here at Cliffs Chiropractor Southend we treat patients of all ages. A lot of people, have been surprised by the number of babies, pregnant ladies and children that attend the clinic.

Arif, one of our chiropractors is a Fellow of the International Chiropractic Paediatric Association and Member of the Royal College of Chiropractic Paediatric Faculty. Craniopathy for babies is also a specialty of Arif’s.

Giving birth can sometimes alter the shape of the baby’s head and can make breathing quite hard for the baby. By gently using hands and fingers to correct distortions and compressions to a baby’s cranium, spine and pelvis it is possible to alter the shape of the head, normalise neural function and restore a child to a peaceful, happy and healthy state. Improvements can be noticed in just a few days. Above all these are very safe procedures and highly preferable to medication.

Jack is only 10 weeks old and has only slept for 40 minutes at a time. When awake he cries with a high pitch and his mother describes him as ‘angry’.  After two treatments in 5 days he slept for 5 hours. He was in pain following a traumatic birth and a plate strain to his skull. We can only guess how bad his headache was. It is important to remember babies do feel pain and don’t need drugs to mask it. They need non-invasive effective treatment that treats the cause not the symptoms.

Watch this Youtube clip to hear more about Jack’s story:

If you have a distressed baby or would like to know more about craniopathy for babies then please get in touch with us as we offer a lot of help and advice. You can contact us at Cliffs Chiropractor Southend on 01702 430430.