Enzo – Meeter and Greeter








Favorite quote:

“If you think dogs can’t count try placing three dog biscuits in your pocket and just give him two of them!”

Phil Pastoret (Writer)


About Me

My name is Enzo, I live with Arif but am happy for anyone to stroke my fur 🙂 !

I am a German Short Haired Pointer, that means I am qualified to point my nose at you if you’re munching something tasty.

My role in the clinic is to meet and greet, entertain the kids, sit on Carly’s lap as she types, ease the anxieties of gentle folk in a clinic and reduce your heart rate.

I am very friendly, soft and safe with all ages.

Personal Interests

Running as fast and often as possible.

Having my fur stroked.

Playing football

Hypnotising you with my eyes when you eat!