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Physical – Emotional – Chemical: Regarded as the three cornerstones of good health, a balance between all three is vital. Each one influences the other.


Nutrition and your individual needs

If you eat a banana in the morning by the next day it’s part of you, isn’t that amazing?! The same is true if you take drugs, eat healthily or junk food.

Nutrition effects the chemical make up of your body, how it is made, how it functions and how you feel.

Patients increasingly seek how to restore a healthy gut, gain energy, become less anxiety driven. What you gain out of life is dependent  also upon what you put into your body. A “whole-istic” path to health has to accompany what you eat and your attitude to food  as medicine ,immunity, nutrition as well as pleasure.

The nutritional advice you will receive at the clinic will be specific to your individual needs. This will vary according to your diagnosis, overall condition, age and life style.


Combining nutrition and your treatments at the clinic

Ensuring the basic components for healing are present improves recovery and supplements other treatments offered at the clinic.

We will always explain the reasoning behind any recommended supplements. Prior to recommending any supplements we will require information on any current medication you are taking to avoid adverse interactions. For this reason we generally advise only taking supplements under guidance.


The highest quality products

The clinic stocks a variety of products chosen for being of high quality and representing good value. Cheaper products can often contain impurities, bulking agents and ingredients poorly absorbed by the body.

Nutritional advice varies according to research and we ensure our knowledge is current, however, we may on occasion refer you to other clinicians in specialist fields.


Some of the  common conditions supplements may help:

  • Osteoporosis
  • Chronic Inflammation
  • Muscle cramps
  • Antibiotic Side Effects
  • Bloating
  • “Acid reflux”
  • Tiredness
  • Poor sleep
  • Too many to list!

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