Eat Your Way to a Pain-Free Summer

Whether it’s the colourful flowers in full bloom or the longer, brighter days, there’s just something about summertime that gives us that extra zest to be fit and healthy. To help you boost your health this summer, our Southend chiropractor lists three surprising foods that are known to have pain-fighting components. Enjoy…

1: Ginger

Although ginger is traditionally used to combat nausea, it has also been found to contain inflammation-fighting compounds.

2: Coffee

Possibly the trendiest drink in the world right now, low doses of coffee are believed to help reduce the perception of pain.

3: Red Grapes

As if the juicy and refreshing taste of red grapes wasn’t appealing enough, they have now been found to contain resveratrol – a chemical compound that is believed to have anti-inflammatory benefits.

Feed your spine well this summer; you are what you eat after all!