After A Decade of Daily Pain Herbal Remedy Saved Me

The Echo - Medical HerbalismAnnabel Crow recently shared with The Echo how a visit to Melanie changed her life. Afer a decade of daily pain and misdiagnosis, she hoped she would finally find the light at the end of the tunnel into finding respite from her ongoing agony.

Annabel’s mother Laura, a patient at Cliffs,  suggested she should visit Melanie. Annabel was happy to go into her appointment with an open mind. After intensive questioning by Melanie to delve into Annabel’s medical history, she was told that she had a ‘leaky gut’.

The gut is sometimes called the ‘second brain’ and the gateway to health.

Melanie explained, ““A healthy gut should have the right proportion of good bacteria which lines and protects the digestive tract from damage and plays an important role in maintaining the immune system.”

“Lifestyle, stress, infections, allergies, alcohol and a poor diet will all affect the level of good bacteria, leaving room for harmful bacteria to proliferate. Then there is a decreased ability to absorb the nutrients from food and an increasing number of allergies develop which lead to ‘always feeling rubbish’, as in Annabel’s case.”

She prescribed Annabel a mixture of herbs and nutrients, all in tablet form, that she would need to take initially to get her gut back on track. At each meeting Melanie would adjust the medication according to how Annabel was responding.

Annabel concludes the interview by saying. “All I can say is that I’ve had 10 years of stomach pain, but now I feel better, and calmer.”

“I even enjoy going out for a meal, just as I did on my honeymoon, which may seem quite minor to some, but to me it’s a triumph!”

You can read the full article here: The Echo: After A Decade of Daily Pain Herbal Remedy Saved Me



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