“I went to the hospital but only Cliffs could help me!”

rosie and jaw painRosie was suffering from so much pain in her jaw that she visited the hospital seeking answers. “The hospital advised that I needed to distress,” said Rosie, who is now a patient of ours. “They said the jaw pain was a result of biting my nails but I didn’t necessarily feel that had caused my jaw problems.”

A significant detail that the hospital didn’t address was that Rosie’s jaw pain had only started a few months after undergoing a procedure to remove her tonsils. When she visited the hospital, her jaw pain had grown to “excruciating” levels and she was no longer able to put up with it on a daily basis.

Fortunately, Rosie’s instinct and unwillingness to accept the hospital’s nail biting ‘diagnosis’ prompted her to seek a second opinion at our clinic. And it wasn’t long before the true extent of her jaw problems became apparent.

When Arif examined Rosie, he found that she had extremely limited movement in her jaw and that her ability to properly open her mouth was also quite poor. The thorough examination provided the information needed to begin an appropriate treatment plan.

Just four weeks after her first visit to Cliffs, Rosie’s pain had almost completely disappeared and she was once again feeling “fantastic”. The constant and severe daily pain that made Rosie visit a hospital was gone in the space of a month!

Rosie’s story is a strong example of why it is so important to keep seeking health solutions – because they are usually there! An accurate diagnosis is essential to the right treatment plan; so if you feel like there are parts of your health puzzle yet to be solved, then keep pushing to get to the bottom of it. If Rosie hadn’t, she would probably still be in severe pain – with only perfect, un-bitten nails to show for it!

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