How Richard Powered Through To Success

Being strong means knowing when to back off. Despite being super fit, back problems threatened to derail strong man hopeful Richard Ellis’ dreams of competing. Last year the 30-year-old from Westcliff was persuaded by his friends to enter the Strong Man competition.

However, a few weeks prior to the competition, disaster struck, which is when Richard decided to to seek help. Having asked around and heard positive reviews he came to see Paz at Cliffs.

An article about Richard’s experience and how Paz helped him achieve a personal goal of competing in the Strong Man competition appeared recently in The Echo and The Gazette which you can read here.

Since achieving his goal of competing in a Strong Man competition, Richard has turned his attention to jiu jitsu, a martial art and combat sport system. He has also set up an IT business, Relltek, with his brother. We wish him and his brother all the best with their new venture. There’s no stopping Richard!

You may remember that last year we featured an item about Richard in one of our Newsletters after receiving a Thank You note from him. You can read what Richard said and also watch a video of him in action in the competition here. It really is impressive:)