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Caring for an expectant mother is an extremely rewarding experience. It offers an unique opportunity to positively influence two lives at once.


Arif has developed as a specialist in the chiropractic treatment of pregnant ladies and children since 1999 when he attended a series of seminars by the lauded Carol Phillips, a famous pre-natal chiropractor, Sacro-Occipital Therapist and Doula and one of the world’s best teachers of the Webster Technique. He went on to qualify in the first cohort of UK trained Fellows of the International Chiropractic Paediatric Association in 2001, and founder member of the Royal College of Chiropractors Paediatric Faculty.

Arif respects the humanistic approach to pregnancy and birth. The human body has it’s own innate wisdom and the female process of pregnancy and birth are generally healthy and safe.

“Simply put, I aim with treatment and advice to optimise the maternal environment so it has the flexibility and placement necessary for the foetus to engage ideally and for lifes emergence to be a natural experience, inclusive of mother and body working together. It is really an honour to be able to apply these skills”

A birth team should create a loving, relaxed, nurturing environment helping to deliver your baby without fear, feeling in control. Reducing the risk of birth trauma plus problems such as crying babies we need to take responsibility for the outcome of birth.

Arif believes that analysis and specific correction to the pregnant female and paediatric spine and cranium is valuable in many cases. He would be very happy to discuss your problem before committing to an initial consultation.

Please call him on 01702 430430 if you would like a friendly chat to see if he may be able to help you or your child. We welcome your questions and enquiries.

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