Sophie Rutt – Chiropractic Assistant








What Sophie Loves About Being A Member Of The Cliffs Chiropractic Team

“Cliffs is a place to work with great people and all the lovely people we get to meet and help.”


Character Traits

Loving, caring, emotional & fun.


What Sophie’s Famous For In The Clinic

Bringing in biscuits!!!


Interesting Or Fun Facts About Sophie

  1. Before children I had a career in Advertising and Film Production.
  2. Top of my bucket list is to go blue whale watching with my son!
  3. We are currently renovating a new house and I absolutely love interior design.
  4. Known to my friends as “Sociable Soph” as I love a good party!!!


Sophie’s Major Achievement

My two beautiful children Teddy & Matilda.


Favourite Health Quote

“A good day starts with you. Set the foundation that makes you feel good and good will follow.”