How Baby Hugs & Sounds Can Help Expectant Mums Face Birth

advice for expectant mums from our paediatric chiropractor at Cliffs Chiropractic ClinicAs one of the UK’s first chiropractors to qualify as a Certified Chiropractic Paediatric Practitioner, Arif has extensive experience of helping expectant mums.

Arif has recorded a short video explaining two concepts that he hopes will help expectant mums who are going to go through labour – baby hugs and sounds.

You can also read a transcript of the video below it.


Baby Hugs …

If you think about it when we really cherish something and we are going to say goodbye what we often tend to do is to give it an embrace – a hug, to show how much we care, to show our compassion, our love and then, after the hug, we release and say goodbye.

Your body has for nine months been growing, nurturing and giving life to this embryo and now it’s about to send your baby into the outside world.

The uterus literally is a muscle. It will hug the baby from the top down, caressing it with contractions to bring it into the world.

Try and regard those contractions as baby hugs.

Literally your body for the final time hugging, loving and saying goodbye to your baby and helping it gently but firmly into the outside world.

The hormones you release during the birthing process are the same ones that you released when you were conceiving the child. If you think about that it’s a compassionate and passionate thing. During the birth you are passionately holding, hugging, loving that baby and releasing it to the world.

Sound …

When you’re giving birth, initially when the baby is high up in the birth canal, the sounds that you make, the breathing sounds and the groaning sounds, will be quite high pitched. As the baby resonates and passes through the birth canal theses sounds will tend to be deeper.

That vibration literally helps the baby pass through the birth canal into the world.

I hope those few concepts will help you as your go through those contractions.

Have a great birth.