Is Homework Causing Stress and Affecting Your Child’s Spine?

To most children and teenagers, the word “homework” sends their minds and bodies into stress mode. After all, following a week at school, the last thing most children want to do is get their heads stuck into another textbook! But according to our leading Southend chiropractor, a reduction in homework stress can transform homework into a positive and enjoyable experience that teaches children lifelong skills.
Our chiropractor from our Southend clinic shares the following top tips in making homework stress free:

1: Buy an additional set of second hand textbooks to keep at home. This will help to keep your child organised and will benefit their spine by not having to carry extra books in their school bags.

2: Teach your child relaxation techniques to help control anger and frustration. It’s important to introduce these techniques when your child is calm so that they can be implemented if and when required.

3: Break down each homework assignment into smaller sections and make sure your child takes a break from their desk every 20 minutes. Reward your child when they stick to the schedule and praise their achievements.

Remember to take a look at your child’s homework routine and if your child ends up upset, sleep deprived or regularly missing out on other activities to complete assignments then it may be time to make some important changes.

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