Let’s Squeeze, Sway and Cuppa

A healthy back will support you every day but, if you sit or stand for hours at a time, the chances are your back needs support from you. If you do nothing else, do these three things …

If you spend hours working at your desk all day, you may very well be complaining of a stiff neck, aching shoulders or a bad back. If any of this sounds familiar, please take a look at these three simple exercises. They’re really easy to do, especially in the confines of an office. If you can make this part of your daily routine, you’ll be alleviating all those symptoms associated with lack of movement while improving your overall sense of wellbeing at the same time.

The Squeeze

The Sway

The Cuppa

You can find three more exercises you can add to your routine on our Back to Business page.

So there’s no time like the present – let’s Squeeze, Sway and Cuppa our way to better back health:)

Back to Business is Launched at London Southend Airport

Echo_NewsOur exciting B2B (Back to Business) campaign has officially begun. We were invited to London Southend Airport to launch the campaign with a powerful takeoff. B2B is our campaign for bringing simple exercises to those desk bound at work, to ease and help prevent back pain.

With nearly 10 million working days being lost to back pain in 2014 and over a billion pounds lost in work productivity, we’re on a mission to fight the rising surge of work-related back issues.

B2B is a campaign with a difference

B2B involves us going into the workplace and giving an introductory talk and demonstration to staff. We follow this up with posters to be put up in the workplace and access to videos of the exercises for staff to refer to.

B2B consists of six simple movements that any desk worker can do to reduce stiffness, prevent back pain, improve posture and enhance energy levels. And what’s more, these short exercises take hardly any time to perform and they’re discreet (nobody wants to be the office’s “performing seal”, after all!).

We’re also working hard behind the scenes developing an exercise programme aimed at alleviating back problems associated with manual handling . Watch this space …

B2B Launches at London Southend Airport

BAck to Business at Cliffs Chiropractor SouthendWe were invited to launch our B2B campaign at London Southend Airport. London Southend Airport is owned by Stobart Group a company well known for its inclusive policies and all for one, one for all attitude.

Jon Horne, the Chief Operating Office,  suffers from back pain himself and was eager for his staff to be involved. Jon said “We can all make a difference to our own health and wellbeing; the practical steps set out in Back to Business can be done quickly and easily”.

The session was held by Arif, who demonstrated just how easy and effective the B2B exercises are and how these exercises should be done in the close confines of an office, and importantly, an air traffic control tower. Arif soon had Mr Horne and members of staff, performing the exercises and having lots of fun in the process!

A selected member of staff will become a B2B ambassador, receiving additional training from Cliffs, to help staff stick to the regime and to keep it inspiring and fresh.

So why is there such a need for an innovative campaign such as B2B?

At our clinBAck to Business campaign at Cliffs Chiropractor Southendics alone, we are treating more and more back conditions than ever before and this has nothing to do with an ageing population as patients are getting younger and younger. This is a direct result of our more sedentary lifestyles, our near-addiction to mobile devices, which is putting additional strain on the spine as we bend our necks to send and receive texts and emails and poor posture.

National statistics are even more alarming. The National Back Pain Survey conducted in October 2014 revealed that over 4 million working days were lost by workers aged 50-64 that year and workers aged 25-34 lost a whopping 1.89 million days due to back pain. Those in the 35-49 bracket took 3.86 million days off for back-related issues. The survey also exposed the heavy rise in back-related work absence; 7.7 million working days were lost in 2013 compared with 9.96 million in 2014.

Watch Arif explain what our B2B campaign is all about.

You can find out more about our B2B campaign here.

Look after your spine’s future and it will look after yours.

Leading Chiropractor in Southend Backs New 4-Step Plan to End Back Pain

Leading Chiropractor in Southend Backs New 4-Step Plan to End Back PainSuffering from chronic back pain or discomfort can make you feel like you’re in an incredibly lonely place. The things you used to enjoy doing may now have become daunting challenges; leaving you in a daily cycle of agony, monotony and frustration.

But you are not alone; as 2.5 million people in the UK complain of severe daily back pain!

These are 2.5 million people who could end their agony in four simple steps, according to the British Chiropractic Association.

And it’s got a lot to do with sitting correctly.

The Office for National ­Statistics have recently revealed that neck, back and muscle conditions were responsible for thirty-one million days of work being lost last year alone.* But could this really be linked to sitting down for too long?

Our award winning Southend chiropractor believes so; and research suggests the same.

Dubbed as the “new smoking” and the UK’s “sedentary epidemic”; sitting puts twice as much pressure on the spine than standing. And sitting for more than four hours at a time is being directly linked to conditions such as cancer, diabetes and dementia.

In an age where millions of people are needlessly suffering – many of these under 30 – there has never been a more crucial time to make a stand against back pain!

As a renowned chiropractor in Southend, we treat back pain sufferers on a daily basis and we work collaboratively with each of our patients to educate them on the importance of sitting in a safe position. While our modern sedentary lifestyles mean we regularly sit for up to ten hours a day, small changes can make a big difference to our spinal health.

Our leading Southend chiropractors believe that following these four simple daily steps could eliminate back pain for massive amounts of people:

1: Sit up straight – at home, in work and while you’re in the car.

2: If you use a desktop computer, adjust the screen so that the top of it is level with your eyebrows and tilt your chair forward slightly.

3: Stretch, change position and move from your chair every 20-30 minutes.

4: Stay hydrated by replacing caffeinated drinks such as tea and coffee for water.

A worrying 86% of people recently surveyed by the British Chiropractor Association were either currently experiencing some sort of neck or back pain or had in the past.

As a Southend chiropractor dedicated to patient education, we believe that simple and practical advice can significantly help to bring this number down.

To book an appointment with our dedicated team of experts contact us today on 01702 430430.

*Based on new research from the British Chiropractic Association.

Dedicated Southend Chiropractor raises £130 in Back Care Raffle

The team at Cliffs Chiropractor Southend have once again shown their commitment to helping back pain sufferers by raising a generous £130 in a raffle for the BackCare charity!

Charlie drew the winning ticket that went to Yvonne Fountain! A massive “Congratulations!” to Yvonne who won a neck pillow, a wedge cushion and a reusable ice pack worth £70!

Also a big “thank you” to Charlie, a champion angler, for drawing the winning ticket!

BackCare funds scientific research into the causes of back pain as well as back pain prevention and management. Our dedicated chiropractors in Southend are proud to support BackCare in their unwavering commitment to helping this cause.

Thanks again to everyone who took part in the raffle – every penny makes a real difference!

To book an appointment with our dedicated team of chiropractors, contact Cliffs Chiropractor Southend on 01702 430430.