Must Read Pain Management Tips for 2018!

Learning pain management skills is essential if you suffer with chronic back pain. And the good news is pain management isn’t all that complicated. In fact, there are some simple techniques you can easily learn that may make a big difference in how you experience your symptoms. Here are some effective tips from our Southend […]

Paz Made It Happen For This Strongman

Richard Ellis visited Cliffs with difficulty breathing and wasn’t at all positive that he was going to be able to compete in his first amateur strongman competition. But with help from Paz, Richard got in touch to share his outstanding performance with us at the competition! Richard wrote to us saying: ” “I wanted to […]

pain management advice from our southend chiropractor

How Do You Deal With Pain?

Chronic or severe pain can interfere with your life on many levels and can even affect your ability to work, maintain relationships and sleep properly. But did you know that there are many pain management techniques that can work alongside your physical treatment plan to help relieve your symptoms? Here our Southend chiropractor lists a […]