Chiropractic Following Neck Surgery

chiropractic after neck surgery at cliff chiropractor southendIt is not unusual for some people to be nervous of visiting a chiropractor for the first time. Recently, Arif has started treating one such lady. She took some persuasion to come and see him with problems that she had been suffering with in her neck and head for many years.

Arif wants to show you one of the reasons why she was nervous about coming to see him. You’ll understand why when you see her X-rays.

Watch the Video Below.

In the video, Arif explains the X-rays that were taken of the patient. As you’ll see, the patient has had neck surgery and Arif explains the consequence the surgery has had on her.

Barbara shares how she has suffered horrendous headaches permanently along with back pains for about 33 years. The neck surgery that she underwent did help in the beginning, but the pains got worse and worse again over time.

After visiting Arif, she learnt that her neck was worse than she was originally told and that her condition was worse than she ever thought. However, Arif explained to her that he may be able to do something to help her.

The good news is that a week after her first visit with Arif, she has had 3 days of no headaches, which is very unusual as she was suffering almost continuous headaches.

When asked how this makes her feel, her words are simple – “It makes me feel good”.

She is very excited about her next stage of her treatment and we look forward to helping her on her journey.

Watch Gillian’s Mexican Wave – It Even Surprised Her!

Gillian De Normanville surprised even herself when after her 1st visit to Cliffs she was able to lift her arms above her head.

She’s absolutely delighted with her progress, as are we.

Gillian says “I’m so surprised I can put my arms up and straight. I couldn’t do that for a long time because I’ve been so humped at the back.”

Watch Gillian do her Mexican Wave below.

If you know of anyone who you think can benefit from chiropractic treatment at Cliffs then please do let them know that we are here to help. Every day we see the positive difference our team at Cliffs Chiropractic in Southend can make to the lives of people of all ages.


Increased Hours Now Available For Massage At Cliffs

massage at cliffs chiropractor southendEmma has been with us for 5 months and has been embraced by both the team and patients alike. Focused on providing a deeply effective massage combined with an intuitive feel, Emma was running out of appointments. However, we are delighted to now offer increased hour for massage, with availability on Tuesdays 8am – 4pm, Thursdays 12pm – 4pm and Fridays 2pm – 7pm.

Many patients find the combined effects of chiropractic and massage to be the perfect complement for sustained benefits.

It is worth remembering massage can reach beyond simple muscular tension relief as Emma demonstrates with Sharon’s case study …

Massage is most well-known for complementing chiropractic care by releasing tight muscles, which may cause symptoms such as aches and pains. The techniques used stimulate blood circulation in the muscles, which helps to remove the build-up of waste substances and promotes tissue repair. Treatment isn’t only beneficial for patients with specific areas of muscle tension. It can also aid in relaxation to help reduce stress, anxiety and to promote general well-being.

massage client at cliffs chiroractic southendSharon Wimbledon has been a patient at the clinic for over 20 years. She suffers with fibromyalgia and ME which affect her by causing increased sensitivity to pain, stress and also extreme fatigue.

Recently, Sharon started massage therapy with Emma as part of her care plan and has discovered the advantages it brings.

Prior to treatment Sharon could feel extremely stiff and experience multiple areas of discomfort. After treatment Sharon feels lighter with has less pain but most significant is the mood elevating effect. With treatment helping to improve her quality of life. Sharon now looks forward to her regular appointments.


It’s Official! Our New Sister Clinic Opens In Chelmsford on 16th October

cliffs chelmsford chiropractor clinic under developmentAfter so many setbacks we are pleased to announce that our sister clinic in Chelmsford will open on 16th October.

If you have family or friends in Chelmsford then please let them know that Cliffs will be nearby to help them. All the clinic’s information can be found on the clinic’s website at

The Clinic is conveniently located in Hatfield Peverel on the outskirts of Chelmsford.

We aim to provide the same high level of patient care at our new clinic as we offer at Cliffs Southend.

The clinic will provide the following services:

  • Chiropractic
  • Medical Acupuncture
  • Remedial Massage
  • Medical Herbalism
  • Nutritional Advice

Melanie and her team are very excited to finally have an opening date and look forward to treating people in and around Chelmsford.

It’s Not Only About The Back …

Many people think chiropractic is about back pain but it’s so much more than that.

Craig came to see us for many reasons including an ongoing health problem with his stomach and in his words “bad guts”, he had no energy and couldn’t sleep properly. All these problems were having a significant impact and strain on his already stressful life.

Within two weeks of starting treatment at Cliffs Craig shares how his life has changed.

Craig from Fowler Cafe/Bistro in Leigh-on-Sea says of Arif “This guy has turned my life around I can only thank him and fully recommend all of their services and advice”.

When talking about Craig’s story, Arif stresses, “People think that chiropractic is only about the back but it’s so much more than that.”

Watch Craig’s Video Now


Why Babies Even Need Chiropractors Sometimes

Walter Russell thxLast month we launched the Back Story campaign. Its aim is to help all of us improve our health and wellbeing by adopting some very simple habits that will have life-changing benefits.

The Echo is backing the campaign, and in a recent edition, Arif raised awareness about helping our children … even when they’re only nine days old like Walter Russell.

Walter is now a happy three-month old boy, however, this is a far cry from the traumatic start Walter had in life. His mother’s 36-hour labour combined with the early breaking of her waters resulted in Walter having sepsis – a life-threatening condition that occurs when the body’s response to infection causes injury to its own tissues.

Walter spent the first five days of his life in Southend Hospital – three days on the intensive care ward then a further two days under close observation before being allowed to go home. The newborn also had to have a lumbar puncture to confirm that he didn’t have meningitis.

Read Walter’s story and how Arif helped him and can help other babies too by clicking on the image below.

Echo Back Story babies and toddlers


Can Chiropractic Help Enuresis (bed wetting)? Let Young Callum Tell You ……

Enuresis, more commonly known as bed wetting, is a common problem suffered by young children. Half a million children and teenagers in the UK are affected by it. This problem can often affect a child’s self esteem and impact on family life.

Callum, our 5-star patient, shares with you the success he has achieved. We are so proud of him. We have helped many young patients like Callum overcome this problem.

We’ll let young Callum tell you how he has got on …


Paz Made It Happen For This Strongman

Richard Ellis visited Cliffs with difficulty breathing and wasn’t at all positive that he was going to be able to compete in his first amateur strongman competition.

But with help from Paz, Richard got in touch to share his outstanding performance with us at the competition!

Richard wrote to us saying:

“I wanted to thank you for all your help. I first came to see Paz as I couldn’t breathe properly as my ribs and spine weren’t agreeing with one another.

I had 3 weeks left to prepare for my first amateur strongman competition and wasn’t positive about being at my best.

To cut a long story short, Paz made it happen. I did really well in my competition and couldn’t have done it without Cliffs Chiropractic.

Please see attached a video from the day.”


Exciting News! Our New Sister Clinic In Chelmsford Is Opening Soon

opens julyWe are very excited to announce that we are opening a sister clinic in Chelmsford.

Work is progressing well on the clinic and all hands are on deck for the opening at the beginning of July.

Melanie will be working at the Chelmsford clinic where she will be providing chiropractic, medical herbalism, functional medicine and phlebotomy services. In addition, there will be a massage therapist offering massage.

But don’t worry if you are in Southend or the surrounding areas, Arif and Paz will still be focussed on taking care of you guys:)

If you know anyone in Chelmsford, or around that area, please let them know that Cliffs will be there to help them.

Aged 65 I feel fitter than ever

Ray Clark, from Braintree, has been a gamekeeper and farm worker for over 40 years. Ten years ago, the 65-year old, started feeling pain in his knees when he was walking around the estate; X-rays revealed he would need a knee-replacement within the next three years.

He did nothing for a couple of years, then he visited Arif at Cliffs Chiropractic Clinic, for a consultation.

Ray had led a physical life which over time reduced the cartilage lining the bony surfaces of his knees.This is known as degeneration or osteoarthritis. The roughening of the moving surfaces creates friction and inflammation, resulting in joint stiffness and, often, pain in the surrounding muscles and ligaments. Physically examining and x-raying Ray’s knees confirmed the diagnosis.

The treatment would involve chiropractic to adjust and improve the movement, acupuncture to reduce the acute inflammation and supplements and nutrients to improve the cartilage and reduce the chronic inflammation that occurs in conditions like osteoarthritis.

Even though Ray’s osteoarthritis is advanced the treatment has delayed the need for a replacement by several years and he can continue working as normal.

Ray says, “I’ve had eight years of monthly acupuncture, and take daily glucosamine with chondroitin and MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) supplements, which help my flexibility.

“Of course, I have my good days and my bad days but I’ve been able to work on the estate unhindered by pain since I started my treatment. At 65 I feel very fit, in fact fitter than ever and, importantly, I don’t need a knee replacement operation.

“Not yet at any rate.”