So You Want to be a Chiropractor?

So You Want to be a Chiropractor?

If you like the idea of improving the quality of people’s lives, you have good communication skills and a solid head for business, then a career as a chiropractor could be for you! As a qualified chiropractor, you’ll use physical manipulation, massage and rehabilitative exercises to treat patients with a range of conditions. These may […]

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Is Your Medication Making You Ill?

Prescription drugs have many side effects and at Cliffs Chiropractic we know that medication from your GP or consultant can save your life or improve it, but it can also come with unwanted side effects. It’s important to remember that drugs are not necessarily safe and to be aware of the side-effects. Your medical history […]

Top Tips on Having a Great Relationship With Your Chiropractor

People who have good relationships with their chiropractors tend to have better health outcomes. So here are three great bond-building tips from our Southend chiropractor: 1: Prepare for your appointment Preparing for an appointment means more than getting there on time! In order to optimise the time you have with your chiropractor, plan in your […]

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Summer Walks in Leigh on Sea for a Healthy Spine

There are few things more enjoyable than a peaceful summer’s walk. Breathing in the tranquil fresh air and soaking up the vibrant blooming scenery with not so much as a single distraction is good for both the body and mind – especially if you suffer from back pain. According to our chiropractor near Leigh on […]

How to Choose a Good Back Support

Back support belts (often called back braces) are available in a variety of materials and designs, depending on the role in which they are intended to play. According to our Southend chiropractor, many people suffering from back pain find it difficult to choose the correct back support simply because of the large selection available. But […]

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School Kids : Protect Their Back Health

With nearly 80% of people experiencing back pain at some point during their lives, it’s important that children look after their spines from a young age. Our Southend chiropractor, who has extensive experience in treating children, shares simple tips on preventing childhood back pain… 1:Keep Your Children Active Staying active helps to keep children a […]