Stick To Your New Year Healthy Eating Resolution

The New Year is quickly coming and you may be making a new year resolution to eat more healthily.

This is a great resolution and we think it’s a worthwhile resolution, however, you do need to set yourself up for success. Our chiropractors at Cliffs Chiropractic Southend have some advice to help you stick to your resolution in 2018.

One of the first steps to take is to make sure that you remove all temptations that may be lurking in your cupboards. Left over treats from Christmas can often cry out for us to eat them!

Next we recommend you find a way of eating more healthily that suits you and your lifestyle and as importantly that you enjoy. Fad diets don’t work, in the main because they are unsustainable and not that enjoyable! Making healthy choices can be confusing so you may need to educate yourself – there are plenty of good books available to help you.

Nothing will take you off track quicker than being too busy to prepare your healthy meals! To avoid calling for that unhealthy take away or grabbing the ready meal at the supermarket – plan your meals out for the week and make a shopping list of the ingredients you’ll need. Make sure you stick to your shopping list and meal plan don’t get side tracked! Make enough food so you have leftovers for the next day or even cook batches so you have healthy meals to hand.

We hope these tips will help you achieve your healthy eating goal in 2018.