The UK Is In The Grip Of Its Worst Flu Season For Seven Years

health advice from our southend chiropractorFigures show that the UK is in the grip of the worst flu season since 2011. In that year swine flu was responsible for the pandemic. This year there are four strains of flu doing the rounds.

Whilst the Aussie flu strain has received a great deal of press it is not causing the most serious illnesses according to the latest report from Public Health England.

Certain people are more at risk from catching flu, such as the over 65s, pregnant women and those with serious health conditions.

To help protect yourself, Arif advises that you should still be taking Zn 15mg, Vit D3 8000iu and Probiotic tablets every morning over the winter period as a highly effective natural winter immune boost. Both he and Melanie follow this regime.

Practicing good hand hygiene can limit the transmission of flu and the spread of germs as the flu virus can live for many hours on hard surfaces.


Make Time for You This Christmas!

If you’re like many of the patients we treat, your hectic lifestyle may mean that you regularly go whole weeks without properly relaxing. Between your work, looking after the children and doing your share of the housework, it can sometimes seem that life passes you by in a frenzy of frazzling duties.

And if you’re struggling to find any downtime during an average week, the build up to Christmas is probably looking incredibly time-sapping.

But our Southend chiropractor warns that if you don’t make time for yourself this Christmas, you could be putting yourself at risk of developing stress-related health problems, including back pain.

Remember that everyone has the same 24 hours in each day; the key to good time management is effective personal management.

Christmas is the time for giving, so this year, think about giving something to yourself. After all, there is nothing more precious than the gift of good health.

An Hour of Activity Could Save Your Life

back care advice from cliffs chiropractor southendDo you regularly sit for prolonged periods of time?

Do you generally lead an inactive lifestyle?

If so, you could be putting yourself at risk of dying prematurely – even more at risk than those who smoke!

According to recent findings, a shocking 5.3 million premature deaths a year are linked to inactivity, compared to 5.1 million linked to smoking! These worrying figures from a recent study published in the Lancet to coincide with the Olympics.

In light of these revelations, our Southend chiropractor warns that while many people recognise that an inactive lifestyle can cause back pain, many are unaware of the most sinister risks it brings. Many of us – especially office workers – sit for more than eight hours a day, five days  a week, and for the majority of us who do so, this level of inactivity is deemed as a necessity to carry out our work.

But this frequency of prolonged inactivity is now linked to serious health conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer. It’s therefore crucially important that all office workers (particularly those of us who don’t engage in regular physical activity) make a focused effort to incorporate some form of exercise into our daily schedules. Just one hour of exercise a day can actually offset these health risks.

The results of the study revealed  that people who sat down for eight hours a day, but still engaged in regular physical activity, had a significantly reduced chance of early death compared with people who sat for fewer hours a day, but do not exercise.

If a full hour’s physical activity every day seems unrealistic, our chiropractor recommends incorporating small fragments of manageable exercises into the day. Getting off the bus a stop sooner, for example, or climbing the stairs instead of riding in the lift can make a difference. Walking during lunch and tea breaks and parking the car further away from the office are also great ways to slot in some health-boosting exercise. The bottom line is that we should all be looking at ways to reduce the amount of time for which we are sedentary and increase our physical activity.

Increased activity doesn’t cost you anything, but inactivity could cost you your health, and according to this recent study, even your life.

Move more. Live more.


On Your Feet Britain Day – Stand Up to Your Right to Good Health!

Did you know that sitting down for more than 4 hours a day can put you at greater risk of developing obesity, heart disease, diabetes and even cancer?

That’s without the added pressure you’re putting on your spine!

But it’s not just our chiropractors here in Southend who are making a stand against sitting down; the nation is also at it! The 29th April is On Your Feet Britain day where people all across the UK will implement simple changes in their day to sit less and stand more!

Are you going to join in and stand up to your right to good health?

The changes you make on the 29th April could be as simple as walking to the shop instead of driving, standing up to take a meeting or going for a stroll instead of sitting in the canteen during your lunch break. These changes may be small but they may just be the start of positive habits that will go on to improve your health and reduce your risk of developing many serious conditions.

Go on, give it a go!

You can find out more details about On Your Feet Britain day here:

Good luck!