How Well Are You Taking Care Of Yourself?

functional medicine offered at cliffs chiropracticResearch shows that people who take time to recharge and restore are more creative, happier and more successful.

So how well are you taking care of yourself? To check, take a test put together by the Institute for Functional Medicine. It is designed to help you identify the areas of your life that are well-tended and those that could use more time and attention.

You may be surprised by the results!

Click the link to download the Functional Medicine test: Self Care Questionnaire

How Can Functional Medicine At Cliffs Help You?

Functional Medicine asks how and why illness occurs and restores health by assessing the root causes of disease for each individual.

In the Functional Medicine model the patient’s full story is of central importance. Instead of preoccupation with how to name a disease the critical questions become:

  • Where does the symptom come from?
  • What has caused or triggered it?
  • What keeps it going?
  • And what can be done to change that dis-eased state?
  • Where intervention and treatment can be most effective?

A timeline of the patients’ life is created beginning at prenatal time through birth and childhood to present day. It is surprising how often when creating this there is a revelation of a “never been well since moment”.

This is then integrated with the patient’s clinical imbalances, assessing the systems of digestion and absorption, defence and repair, elimination, structure, transport, communication and energy regulation. Mental, emotional and spiritual well- being is also put into the Functional Medicine framework. An individual personal plan is created and presented to the patient with personalised treatments and lifestyle modifications which may include advice on diet, nutrients, herbs and exercise.

The right treatments that address the cause of illness or dis-ease will have lasting benefit way beyond symptom suppression.

Melanie and Arif are Members of The Institute for Functional Medicine, British Chiropractic Association and British Medical Acupuncture Society, Melanie is also a Member of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists and Arif a Certified Chiropractic Paediatric Practitioner. Being very experienced and having such a varied background with a wide range of treatment options they are ideally placed to take a holistic approach and identify the root cause of your problem and devise a treatment a treatment plan to match your needs and lifestyle.

If you are interested in this approach please give us a call and Arif or Melanie will be happy to discuss your options before making an appointment.

You can find out more about Functional Medicine on our Southend and Chelmsford websites.

Our Chelmsford Clinic Is Open & Here’s An Offer For You To Share

cliffs chiropractic chelmsfordMelanie and Arif are proud to announce Cliffs Chiropractic Chelmsford is now open after extensive works, problems with damp and total refurbishment. The clinic is looking bright and modern and is already welcoming lots of existing and new patients from the area and beyond.

To celebrate our opening we have some fantastic new patient offers for a limited period for both chiropractic and massage. We’d love you to share them with your family & friends.

Chiropractic New Patient Offer

For a limited period of time only Cliffs Chiropractic Clinic Chelmsford is offering a new patient consultation, report of findings and  first treatment for £25. We’d love you to share this offer with your family & friends.

Sports Massage Therapy & Taster Session Offer

We are excited about many innovations in the clinic.  Gina Gordon-Harris our new sports massage therapist will be working in our custom designed massage room including coloured LED mood lighting and music. We are intending to make this a special experience and Gina is giving taster sessions for £10  for a limited period of time- why not give it a try?

At The New Clinic

Melanie has started changing lives in the Hatfield Peveral area, not only as an experienced chiropractor but also introducing her unique ability to combine herbal and functional medicine with diet and lifestyle advice.

We are very lucky to have Lisa Brown as our receptionist; Lisa has worked at Cliffs in Southend for many years and her enthusiastic, caring, friendly manner makes everyone feel special, she has a weakness for chocolate and there always seems to be a tin of Heroes in reception.

Visit Our Cliffs Chiropractic Chelmsford website

You can find out more about our new clinic on our website at

A Sneak Peek At What’s Happening At Our Chelmsford Clinic

cliffs chelmsford chiropractor clinic under developmentUnfortunately, the opening of the Chelmsford branch of Cliffs has been hampered due to the building needing a lot more work than expected!

However, we thought we would share with you a sneak peek at what’s been happening and what wonderful things we have in store at the clinic.

The opening is planned for late September but no date has been officially set yet – the cement mixer has to go first!

At last the damp proof course has been completed and plastering is well under way. The signs are up and looking good, we are keeping the look similar to the Westcliff clinic. The upstairs rooms are the closest to being finished they are  light and airy and the massage room features colourful light washed walls that can change colour to music. Melanie and Lisa plan to make Monday nights “Party Night” with  smoothies and disco music!

Reception still has a cement mixer in it! And bags of plaster are still all over Melanie’s main treatment room. Very little has run smoothly with the building work and we have found many problems as we go along and unfortunately delaying the opening slightly.  This week some of the kitchen doors delivered were the wrong colour and there was insufficient work surface!!

Melanie loves a tester pot of paint as you can see by the huge array on the windowsill – she is now well known at Kent Blaxills.

We’re also pleased to announce that Sophie Carpenter our massage therapist at Westcliff will be joining us at the Chelmsford clinic when it opens.


Congratulations To Our Official Blood Suckers …

Don’t worry we haven’t recruited Dracula or a host of Vampires.

Arif and Melanie are now both certified phlebotomists. Congratulations to both of them as they bring new skills to the clinic to help more of our wonderful patients.

Arif and Melanie trained to be phlebotomists at Maxis Healthcare. The instructor at Maxis was excellent. They also spent a day in an NHS clinic to gain experience in order to become fully qualified.

Arif says of their qualification “This will expand our services to our patients we will be introducing some comprehensive screening services for many conditions including cardiovascular disease analysis. We’re very excited to be able to offer these services to our patients.”

Just another example of the progressive attitude Cliffs has to the health and well-being of our patients.

A few shots of Arif & Melanie in training.

phlebotomy training