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How Well Are You Taking Care Of Yourself?

Research shows that people who take time to recharge and restore are more creative, happier and more successful. So how well are you taking care of yourself? To check, take a test put together by the Institute for Functional Medicine. It is designed to help you identify the areas of your life that are well-tended […]

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Our Chelmsford Clinic Is Open & Here’s An Offer For You To Share

Melanie and Arif are proud to announce Cliffs Chiropractic Chelmsford is now open after extensive works, problems with damp and total refurbishment. The clinic is looking bright and modern and is already welcoming lots of existing and new patients from the area and beyond. To celebrate our opening we have some fantastic new patient offers […]

A Sneak Peek At What's Happening At Our Chelmsford Clinic

A Sneak Peek At What’s Happening At Our Chelmsford Clinic

Unfortunately, the opening of the Chelmsford branch of Cliffs has been hampered due to the building needing a lot more work than expected! However, we thought we would share with you a sneak peek at what’s been happening and what wonderful things we have in store at the clinic. The opening is planned for late […]

Congratulations To Our Official Blood Suckers ...

Congratulations To Our Official Blood Suckers …

Don’t worry we haven’t recruited Dracula or a host of Vampires. Arif and Melanie are now both certified phlebotomists. Congratulations to both of them as they bring new skills to the clinic to help more of our wonderful patients. Arif and Melanie trained to be phlebotomists at Maxis Healthcare. The instructor at Maxis was excellent. […]