Why Mobile Mania Leads To Text Neck In Teens

why mobilemania leads to text neck in teenagersThe truth is out there. Figures show that British teenagers now spend more than NINE hours a day online, including around 40 minutes a day on social media.

The rise of the ‘selfie culture’ has meant teens also spend 15 minutes a day taking pictures of themselves to send to their friends or post online.

In a recent article published in the Echo, Arif highlights how the ‘selfie culture’ is storing up health problems for teens …

Click the link to read the Echo article: Why Mobile Mania Leads To ‘Text Neck’ In Teenagers


Three Reasons Your Neck Is Stiff

Are your aches and pains literally a pain in the neck? Feeling like your cervical spine could do with a gallon of oil to loosen it up?

Our Southend chiropractor highlights three reasons why your neck may be so stiff:

1:  You’re a Smartphone Addict

Yep, that little device that you’re never more than a foot from can be bad news for your neck. “Text neck,” which is a modern cause of neck pain and stiffness, is becoming increasingly prevalent due to the amount of time people spend looking down at mobile devices.

2: Your Position’s all Wrong

Any activity that places your neck in an awkward position for a prolonged period can cause muscle strain. This may include holding your phone against your shoulder as you speak, carrying a bag on one shoulder or working for long hours at a computer.

3: Your Pillow Needs Changing

Ideally, your head and spine should follow a straight line when you sleep. If your pillow is too high or too low, it’s probably time to get a new one!

A stiff neck can be more than just an annoyance; it can be a sign that you need to change some bad habits.

Designed For Less? How Modern Life Affects the Spine

neck care advice fom our southend chiropractorHas the enterprise of technology started the demise of the human spine? It’s a worrying possibility, according to our Southend chiropractor who treats an increasing number of people for technology-associated back and neck pain.

Technology has evolved rapidly over the past few decades which has changed the way we live tremendously. For thousands of years, the human race spent time hunting and gathering for food, and running and fighting for survival.  Of course, we adapted and evolved, but over the last twenty years or so, we have become much more sedentary as a species. And the effects are a rise in diabetes, heart disease, certain forms of cancer and poor musculoskeletal health.

Neck pain is a common reason why patients visit our chiropractic clinic; and much of this is a result of poor posture when using (or overusing) technological devices. But think about it… if neck pain is becoming a common condition in the adult population, what will be the effect on our children who are using technology at such early stages in their lives and at crucial periods of their skeletal development?

Our chiropractor worries that the younger generation could begin to develop back and neck problems at an earlier age and risk the development of future illness. The earlier postural patterns develop, the more difficult they are to adjust and improve later in life.

So how does technology use pose such a danger to our spines?

Most technology involves flexing the head and neck forward, which results in looking down rather than straight ahead. This generally won’t cause problems when done on a temporary basis, but using technology for hours on end can be seriously bad news for our spines. To be specific, we’re talking about the risk of symptoms such as neck and back pain, shoulder pain, headaches and neurological symptoms like pain, numbness and pins and needles in the arms.

The solution is simple – limit the amount of time you and your children spend using Smartphones, tablets and technological devices in general. The spine simply wasn’t designed to cope with the stresses of modern technology. Expecting the human spine to withstand the overuse of technology is like thinking a castle will stand on quicksand; it just won’t.

They say technology is advancing at break-neck speed; that’s not far from a literal statement.


Did You Hear Arif on BBC Essex?

arif soomro chiropractor southendOwn up! Who’s going to admit to using their mobile phones just a little bit too much?  Just take a look around and you’ll see plenty of people of all ages hunched up over their mobile phones.

In a recent interview with Sadie Nine on BBC Essex, Arif shared the dangers of ‘Text Neck’ and what we all need to do to protect our necks while on our mobile devices.

In this 10 minute interview, Arif also answers questions that Sadie had on other issues for protecting our backs and necks. These included:

  • advice on sitting at your PC (you can get more comprehensive advice here for setting up your computer includiing a video that Arif has made)
  • how to influence good posture in children (and you can use it too)

Listen to the interview now: