Designed For Less? How Modern Life Affects the Spine

neck care advice fom our southend chiropractorHas the enterprise of technology started the demise of the human spine? It’s a worrying possibility, according to our Southend chiropractor who treats an increasing number of people for technology-associated back and neck pain.

Technology has evolved rapidly over the past few decades which has changed the way we live tremendously. For thousands of years, the human race spent time hunting and gathering for food, and running and fighting for survival.  Of course, we adapted and evolved, but over the last twenty years or so, we have become much more sedentary as a species. And the effects are a rise in diabetes, heart disease, certain forms of cancer and poor musculoskeletal health.

Neck pain is a common reason why patients visit our chiropractic clinic; and much of this is a result of poor posture when using (or overusing) technological devices. But think about it… if neck pain is becoming a common condition in the adult population, what will be the effect on our children who are using technology at such early stages in their lives and at crucial periods of their skeletal development?

Our chiropractor worries that the younger generation could begin to develop back and neck problems at an earlier age and risk the development of future illness. The earlier postural patterns develop, the more difficult they are to adjust and improve later in life.

So how does technology use pose such a danger to our spines?

Most technology involves flexing the head and neck forward, which results in looking down rather than straight ahead. This generally won’t cause problems when done on a temporary basis, but using technology for hours on end can be seriously bad news for our spines. To be specific, we’re talking about the risk of symptoms such as neck and back pain, shoulder pain, headaches and neurological symptoms like pain, numbness and pins and needles in the arms.

The solution is simple – limit the amount of time you and your children spend using Smartphones, tablets and technological devices in general. The spine simply wasn’t designed to cope with the stresses of modern technology. Expecting the human spine to withstand the overuse of technology is like thinking a castle will stand on quicksand; it just won’t.

They say technology is advancing at break-neck speed; that’s not far from a literal statement.


More tech time than sleep time can damage your health – Tips from Cliffs Chiropractor Southend

New technology is great. It has really enhanced our lives and changed it for the better. We can do banking, work and importantly connect with people all across the world in an instant. It really is remarkable what technology is capable of.

However this does come at a price and a new report claims the average adult in the UK spends more time on their technology devices than they do sleeping. As a leading Chiropractic Clinic near Southend I feel it is my duty to offer advice to my patients and readers on how to keep their back safe whilst on their technology.

More tech time than sleep time

The average UK adult is said to spend 8.5 hours a day on media and communication activity according to a report by Ofcom. That means we spend more than half of our waking day using technology.

As we continue to develop technology and it grows to be more and more useful it seems that we are pushing sleep aside to make room for it.

What this means on your health

Pushing sleep aside for technology can not be a good thing; we shouldn’t forget the value of sleep. Not only can it affect our ability to perform in work and personal life but a lack of sleep can cause long term problems and stress.

From my point of view as a leading Chiropractic Clinic near Southend all this tech time can also be damaging on your back. Poor posture whilst slouched over a computer, on your phone or tablet or even in bed can damage your back and cause you a great amount of pain and discomfort.

What you can do about it

As a busy Chiropractor near Southend it is my duty to offer advice to my patients on avoiding back pain and the other associated problems with all this ‘tech time’;

Avoid using technology so much – First of all it is a simple one, use technology devices less. This is easier said than down and can only be done if you set strict rules like no phones, TV and computers in the bedroom etc.

Don’t use your phone as an alarm – One of the main reasons we all use our phone before bed and as soon as we wake is because we use our smart phones as an alarm. This means we have it in our hands last thing at night and first thing in the morning.

Avoid poor posture – Finally if you do have to use technology devices or you just want to use them you should avoid poor posture. Stop hunching over your phone or tablet, sit correctly at your computer desk and make sure you get up and move every 40 minutes or so.

If you have any injuries or other concerns please get in touch with us as we offer a lot of help and advice to get you back up and running as soon as possible. You can contact us at Cliffs Chiropractor Southend on 01702 430430.