Choose Your Expert Carefully

When deciding which clinic will be the right fit for you, many people make the fatal mistake of just looking for the closest clinic or the one with the most adverts. We recommend you look at the finer details to discover the clinic that best suits your needs.

If you are on the search for the ideal chiropractor and clinic for you, then you have come to the right place. Have a look at what makes us unique.


Enthusiastic and Passionate

We love what we do.  We love chiropractic. Each and every patient is carefully considered and assessed so options can be given and a treatment plan can be crafted to your goals by one of our chiropractic specialists, who is passionate about their dedicated area.

Experts in Our Field

We know the spine and nervous system.  Each of our chiropractors is University educated, a minimum of 15 years experience, given over 100,000 treatment visits and has done at least 1000 hours in extra post graduate training.  So when you come, you’ll be given the best for your needs.

Chiropractor of The Year

We’re uniquely recognised.  We are honoured to have been awarded Chiropractor of The Year 2015 from the British Chiropractic Association; an award, if ever won is only given once in your career.

Multiple Prestigious Awards

We have been recognised for excellence by The Royal College of Chiropractors four times being awarded the esteemed PPQM and CMQM. We are delighted to have received the WhatClinic Customer Service Award in 2014 and also the WhatClinic Patient Service Award in 2017.

Chosen by Parliament

We were honoured to be chosen by The Parliamentary Review in 2014 to represent best practice in private healthcare. We were the first chiropractic clinic of BCA members in the UK to be hand-picked for this prestigious review. We are also very humbled to have been selected for this 2020 review.


We recommend looking up reviews of a chiropractor and the clinic before making an appointment. They may provide you with the insight you need before you trust someone with your health and wellness. Find us on Google, Freeindex, Facebook, Whatclinic and Yell. We are ‘top rated’ on Freeindex amongst all the UK chiropractors.

Most experienced in Southend

A chiropractors experience matters. The more experience the chiropractor has with a particular condition or procedure, your long-term results are likely to be better. We have over 13,000 registered patients over the last 25 years; we have the proper training, experience and skills to provide the care you need.


We believe in value. Reduced fee consultations are offered for you to meet our team, discuss your issues and decide if we are the right fit for you. Multiple issues are often treatable on the same appointments. Acupuncture is used, when necessary, and without additional fees.  We can also spread the cost of care.


We have been helping people to their optimal spinal and nervous system health since 1994 and worked with some of the best hospitality experts so we are confident that the level of service you receive will be second to none. Our standards are high, and constantly aim higher.

Giving Back

We’re responsible.  We care about giving back and so we are members of the charity, BackCare. We also donate to promote further research in chiropractic. We are also proud to support the Southend Sea Cadets and sponsor a young local football team, Trinity FC.

The Extra Mile

We go the extra mile.  Nothing is too much trouble… We will find you an appointment within 24 hours, organise emergency appointments, evening appointments till 8pm and give emergency advice at the weekends. We have an out of hours number if called when closed and we will get back to you!

X-Rays / MRI / Ultrasound

We are one of only a few UK chiropractors with our own radiographers, giving fast x-rays at the best quality. To be CQC accredited is also rare so we have passed stringent inspections that other chiropractic clinics have not. MRI and ultrasound scans can very easily be organised when necessary.

State of The Art Technology

Zenith Thompson Tables are key to our results; acclaimed as the finest chiropractic tables available. Refined over decades, they are ultra-precise allowing our chiropractors to deliver accurate pressure consistently. Patients in pain can be easily lowered from standing to laying without aggravation instead of being asked to climb onto the bench.


Our chiropractors are trained and experienced in multiple techniques and in treating various conditions and patient groups. From babies to arthritic and osteoporotic patients; there is usually a technique to help you to your goals and when not; they will guide you on the best options.

Recommended by Health Insurers

For those patients who have private health insurance, our chiropractors are registered with the majority of health care insurers. At Cliffs Chiropractic, Arif Soomro is the specialist BUPA chiropractor and Paz Nandhra is the specialist AXA PPP chiropractor. They are both registered with other insurers.


We regularly get referrals from Consultant Surgeons when chiropractic care would be beneficial. We also occasionally see the need for some patients to see a Consultant or have other tests done and so we recommend these accordingly. When additional opinions are required, we also have a team of peers we discuss cases with.

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