Back Safe Baking …

baking back care advice from our southend chiropractorIt’s that time of year again, baking mania has hit our shores as The Great British Bake Off is underway on out TV screens. Paul, Prue, Sandie and Noel are back in the tent along with contestants eager to showcase their baking talents. So far the contestants seem like a talented lot as Paul is handing out what seems like way more handshakes than usual.

Sales of baking tools and supplies surge at the start of each series as bakers eagerly await the start of the contest. And why not as baking can be so much fun and is something that all the family can get involved in.

Whether your new to baking or a seasoned hand our chiropractors at Cliffs Chiropractic Clinic in Southend want to make sure you keep your back safe when baking. Following some simple pieces of advice can often be the difference between a pain free back and a visit to our clinic!

Bakers and chefs can find themselves standing for hours at their kitchen counter tops so it may not come as a surprise that their counter tops can often be the cause of back pain that they experience. A counter top that is too high can really cause your back problems as you have to stoop over it. If your counter top is too high then spread you feet as wide as is necessary so that the surface is the right height for you. You may also want to use a chopping board of the right thickness to bring the work surface up to the right height for you.

Baking can involve quite  bit of lifting, bending and carrying.  It’s important to do these in a back safe way! You don’t want to know how many patients we have treated over the years who have bent over to pick something up and have ended up in pain!

When lifting, bend at the knees and keep a straight back.Bending over from your back is never a good idea.

When carrying an object, face the direction you are going to go in. Avoid twisting whenever you are lifting  or carrying an object.

Take regular breaks and do some simple stretches.

Keep your back ‘bake safe’ and happy baking.

If you are suffering back aches and pains our experienced chiropractors at Cliffs Chiropractic are here to help. Call us on 01702 430 430 to arrange an appointment.