Breath Happy Hay Fever Sufferers

hay fever advice from our southend chiropractorHay fever season is in full swing for the many sufferers with itchy eyes, runny noses, fatigue to name the main symptoms. These symptoms are the result of an allergic inflammatory response, a zealous defence mechanism.

QUERCETIN is a popular supplement found in many fruits and vegetables with apples and onions the best examples for a UK diet.

It appears that quercetin exerts part of its anti-inflammatory effect through inhibiting the production of inflammatory producing enzymes, which are involved in the regulation of inflammatory mediators- leukotrienes and prostoglandis.

The good news for hay fever sufferers is that we stock and recommend Quercetin from a plant source at Cliffs Chiropractic Clinic. The product we stock provides 500mg of pure Quercetin!

A 60 day supply of this all natural product with the added benefit of not causing any drowsiness either costs £19.50.

All you need to do is ask at reception for the product and one of our team will be able to help you.

Breath happy hay fever sufferers!